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Gestational Diabetes Diet and Weekly Meal Plan (An alternative diet for better blood sugars)

Gestational Diabetes Diet and Weekly Meal Plan (An alternative diet for better blood sugars)

Gestational Diabetes Diet and Weekly Meal Plan (An alternative diet for better blood sugars)

Gestational Diabetes Diet and Weekly Meal Plan: www.fitaftergd.com/meal-plan

In this video, I discuss a lower carb option (190-130 g carb/day) to the traditional 175 g carb meal plan for gestational diabetes. If you are struggling with your blood sugars or 175 g carbs feels like too much food for you. Newer research shows that lower carb is a safe and effective option for moms with gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes FB group: http://bit.ly/2GVASWJ
Easy carb counting: https://youtu.be/aOETFvL2xSU

Daily Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Exercises Printable and Guide: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/n1q6t1

HIIT workouts for gestational diabetes: https://youtu.be/ZCFUkkpGtlQ and https://youtu.be/SKPGg2YYH4Y

Type 2 diabetes prevention guide and checklist after gestational diabetes: www.fitaftergd.com/preventtype2


Free postpartum weight management (weight loss) course:

More free resources:



References: https://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/41/7/1346?ijkey=528062f602febcd01f1ff1a9d06937d57e2eefcd&keytype2=tf_ipsecsha and Lily Nichols “Real Food For Gestational Diabetes”

Jessica Pumple is a certified bariatric and diabetes educator, dietitian and pre & postnatal fitness instructor helping pregnant and postpartum moms for since 2004. She helps pregnant women stay fit, have the healthiest babies and the easier labors. She helps new moms with postpartum recovery, to heal and strengthen their core and lose the baby weight through non-gimmicky evidence-based strategies.

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  3. I am glad she said some women cant tolerate bread even whole wheat i was thinking i’m the only one. It literally raises my blood sugar more than a cookie does.
    Trial and error is really important like she said i did what she said and found that a no carb snack at night is better for my fasting blood sugar in the morning. And a 15g carb breakfast is best in the morning. For lunch, dinner and morning and afternoon snacks i eat mostly protein and fats kinda like a keto diet but i add in 15-20 grams of carbs from things like fruit, milk, maybe one slice of bread or carrots or beans. Just as long as i don’t go two slices of bread and stay away from sugar my numbers are good.

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  10. So I have a question, my readings have apparently been too low, and I don’t know what to do cause I’ve been following the diet plan pretty closely, and I’m full so idk how I’m supposed to eat more

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