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Get Healthy: Healthy Diet | NBC Learn

Get Healthy: Healthy Diet | NBC Learn

Get Healthy: Healthy Diet | NBC Learn

Eating a healthy diet is possibly the single most important thing you can do for your health. Do you know what and how much to eat? NBC News Learn, in partnership with Centene Corporation, takes a look at which foods are essential to a growing body and what happens to the food once you eat it. For more “Get Healthy” videos, visit www.nbcnewslearn.com.
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Get Healthy: Healthy Diet | NBC Learn

Video for Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan
Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan youtube video content


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  2. The mainstream really don't understand good nutrition facts… I've been studying nutrition for around 35 yrs and know there is a lot more to it than this video… I find it appalling the ignorance of the "health" system… in general…

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  4. Regardless of age, everyone must be abstemious in terms of eating. Too much consumption of foods may have a long term detrimental impact on health.

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  6. I cannot wait to get healthy I'm excited because my doctor told me I need to get healthy

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