Weight Loss Meal Plan

Healthy Night Shift Tips!

Healthy Night Shift Tips!

Healthy Night Shift Tips!


Hi Guys!
Here are the links to the earplugs that I talk about in the video:
2 pack:
6 Pack:
Large Pack (this is the one I always get… usually last me about a week).:

Stay healthy, stay blessed 😉
Love you!
– Caroline

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  1. I am going to start working at night this coming week, and I liked what you said, that it is a transition in which you do the same things but at different times, it is not as complicated as I have seen in some comments.

  2. I've worked a night shift for almost a decade now and was always able to cope somehow, even on the bad days. 
    What's changed everything and made things much harder for night shift people has been COVID. I believe a lot of night workers can attest to that.
    The workload increased and got way more stressful, especially with jobs like this where we still have to travel to work each day and show up, while other people were complaining that they got to work from home and be able to spend more time with family who lived with them. Whereas we could not see ours at all.
    All 24-hour convenience stores across the country where I'm from(UK) closed at night because of COVID and having to re-stock shelves rapidly, including all of the ones in my area, so now I could not get my groceries unless I wanted to seriously disrupt my sleep or go without for a day to get things done. Even now, things haven't changed in regards to that and it's really making night shifts unbearable and I can slowly feel myself getting sicker and weaker each day. 
    Sorry for the mini rant! But, I honestly believe that what little give the world had toward night shift workers was obliterated further by COVID-19 :(.

  3. I have a business from home and I'm thinking of working nights I have a lot to do during the day I love working nights will this help

  4. "hi I worked nightshift like 3 weeks" try 15 years straight 😄. Counter shifts suck for sure but your example is garbage seeing its about three months total in a year you've stated

  5. Going back to work after taking 3 years off to have a baby. Super nervous about starting rotational nights/days

  6. I’ve just stumbled onto your video because at 46 I’ve been working night shift in retail for almost 6 yrs and it’s starting to take its toll. I love it because no customers and you can get tons of things done without the hustle and bustle of dayshift hours. Also during the day I can get alot of errands done without putting pto for. But lately I haven’t been sleeping as much as I should and my caffeine fix is getting worse and I feel groggy a lot. But your advice of don’t worry if you can’t sleep it’ll come great after work, and also eat fruits and veggies instead of microwaveable junk and drink lots of water I hope will help. Thanx again.

  7. So I got a over night job from 1am-7am should I start going to the gym after 7am so I can be healthy and eat healthy food ??

  8. I get plenty of sleep. Working days I barely slept. I've worked nights in total for 15 years. Never needed meds. I actually gain weight working early shifts so I'm on the omad diet. I never have to worry about making sure I go to bed early so I'm up at the crack of dawn. My afternoons are chilled plus I get time with my daughter. I look like a zombie working days so I'm definitely the opposite to all this 😂

  9. 7p-7-8am with a toddler and my mom and me got schedules where we can both kinda be there at home to watch my son she does days and I do nights but I can’t really sleep like she does because she’s gone and I have to stay up till she’s home but she gets home two hrs before I leave my only solution is a baby sitter but trust issues:/ problems of having a toddler and working

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