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How Can Vegetarians Get Enough Protein?

How Can Vegetarians Get Enough Protein?

How Can Vegetarians Get Enough Protein?

Vegetarians aren’t the only people who want to maximize dietary protein. How can we get the most protein from plants? WSJ contributor Heidi Mitchell and nutrition expert Dr. David Sears discuss with Tanya Rivero. Photo: Getty

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  1. Herbal treatment are one of the most safest way of treatment illness and infections, dr Ogbebor herbal centre YouTube channel cured me of diabetes type 2 and cured my sister of tinnitus ,his herbal medicine is so effective ❤

  2. This guy straight up lied. B12 doesn’t come from animals it’s produced by bacteria that live in the soil and water. Animal flesh contains it because farmers feed their slaves B12 supplements.

  3. Just like calcium, B12 comes from a bacteria found In healthy soil. If a cow eats grass all its life, it will also ingest the bacteria (hence b12). It the cow is force-fed / only option is corn, then the cow has no way of eating the bacteria from the healthy soil. That's why people (meat eaters inuded) MAY need a supplement.

    I use to be a "meat and potatoes" girl (meat, meat, and more meat…make my steak rare) and my b12 levels (via blood test) was so low for years that I needed to get b12 prescription injections at my doctor's office every few months!
    Now, as a vegan / strict vegetarian, my b12 is in the healthy / safe range (shown via blood tests).

    B12 is abundant in things like nutritional yeast and certain veggies. I take Ritual brand supplements, too.

  4. B12 is from bacteria found in water and soil. We gave up that when we decided to treat water and wash our hands. Animals that we eat are supplemented with b12. So we can easily just supplement it ourselves. Go vegan and stop torturing and killing our animal family. They give us their trust and we betray them.

  5. Yes, you can't get B12 without a supplement, but if you compare what supplements whole food plant based eaters need with those who eat other diets, B12 and D are about it, while quite a few other supplements are often needed in a SAD diet.

    i can literally walk down the road to a local farm shop, get fresh natural beef and be home cooking it within 20 minutes.

  7. Hey Doc, Here's a list of Vegetables rich in B12. Never too late to learn something new: Artichokes, Arugula, Balsam-pear , AsGourd (popular in India—vegetarian culture for millennia), Beets, Cabbage, chinese (pak-choi), Cauliflower, Celery.

  8. The Bengal gram which is basically a black chickpea is A great source of Vegan protein 100g of the chickpea can get you 20-22 g of protein as well as its pocket friendly .. One of The best Vegan source available ATM

  9. The doctor misspoke regarding vitamin B12. From ‘Vitamin B12 sources and microbial interaction,’ by Fumio Watanabe and Tomohiro Bito:

    “Vitamin B12 is synthesized only by certain bacteria and archaeon, but not by plants. The synthesized vitamin B12 is transferred and accumulates in animal tissues, which can occur in certain plant and mushroom species through microbial interaction. In particular, the meat and milk of herbivorous ruminant animals (e.g. cattle and sheep) are good sources of vitamin B12 for humans. Ruminants acquire vitamin B12, which is considered an essential nutrient, through a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria present in their stomachs. In aquatic environments, most phytoplankton acquire vitamin B12 through a symbiotic relationship with bacteria, and they become food for larval fish and bivalves.”

    Vitamin B12 supplements are cheap, readily available, and vegan. No problem with that for vegan diets.

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