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How I lost 3kg in 3 Days *short term diet 🍎🍌🍠

How I lost 3kg in 3 Days *short term diet 🍎🍌🍠

How I lost 3kg in 3 Days *short term diet 🍎🍌🍠

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This is the unhealthiest way of dieting and I don’t wanna recommend this method to anyone. I post this vlog for transparency of my diet journey because I feel unfair to claim that I was losing weight without using this method.

There were so many celebrations and parties lately. I ate and drank almost every days which made me gained some weight (obviously). But I have a special day coming up and I have less than a week to lose 3kg. I do acknowledge that the number on scale isn’t everything. But my toxic traits is thinking that I’ll look pretty when I have a little weight. So, yeah…

I felt like I made an impossible possible cuz my daily calories intake are so minimal but my workouts routine is quite excessive. So, please don’t use this method if you wanna lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

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  1. Can i replace sweet potatoes with apple or banana if i am unable to buy sweet potatoes and can i add salt to apples?

  2. Judging from the comments, it’s obvious that this video triggered an ED for many girls who probably still suffer from one or used so: Friendly reminder that her weight loss is due to her loss of waterweight. You canβ€˜t lose 3kg of fat in 3 days, also maintaining this is nearly impossible, youβ€˜ll bounce back inevitably as eating that little will significantly slow down your metabolism, so your body forces itself to burn less calories – maintaining energy. Restricting yourself will result in binging sooner or later. Eat a healthy amount of food, as much as you need and donβ€˜t starve yourself, itβ€˜s all about being mindful of what you eat, exercising and drinking loooots of water.

  3. Even though today i was about to faint from dieting and exercising i have lost just 1 kg but i guess it’s about my metabolism.. maybe ot may work for others and i am not too fat i just wanted to loose some kg cuz i feel better with 3 kg off but anyways it didn’t work for me πŸ₯²

  4. diets won’t work if you wanna keep the weight off tho. As soon as you start eating the same that you ate everyday before the diet started you’ll regain the weight:/

  5. so I’m 50 I want to become 45
    Starting tomorrow cuz it’s 10pm right now ❀️ I will try to update

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