Weight Loss Meal Plan

How I lost 70lbs Eating Carbs // Plant Based

How I lost 70lbs Eating Carbs // Plant Based

How I lost 70lbs Eating Carbs // Plant Based

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  1. Omg I didn’t know you were Latina!!!! You’re so inspiring! I found you on tiktok and love your content

  2. So what your saying is that at first u kept up high carbs but then realised your weight loss was stalling so u replaced the carbs with vegetables??

  3. It warms my heart to see all the WFPB people putting the word out, for many years it seemed we where alone. At our home we started The McDougall Plan after coming across a copy of it in 1993. I read that book cover to cover twice when I first got it, have refereed to it hundreds of times over the years. My wife and I cleaned out the cupboards and fridge and never looked back. My weight went from 363lbs to 235lbs in about eight months. I am currently 205lbs and have been this weight for about twenty five years. Our son has been WFPB his entire life and he introduced this lifestyle to his wife. This lifestyle offers you nothing but good health and costs absolutely nothing. People who are WFPB are not trying to outlive anyone, the goal is to live disease free and as functional as possible into old age, that's it. The fact that it is good for the planet and animals is an amazing added bonus. Thank you Kiki for being a voice, big hugs and love from Canada!!!

  4. This fear of carbs fad has got to go! The Keto craze confuses me because there's no nutrition in excessive oil/fat. I tried that diet to see if I felt better, but nope. Got gallstones and GERD. Yuck. Now I'm trying to undo the damage of HFLC. I love my veg, meat, fish but eliminated extra fats & processed food. If Keto works for some, great, but we're not all built the same. This was very inspiring, thank you!

  5. so….. was it the LACK of shit food and a switch to plants?? …..OR….. the lack of animal foods and a switch to plants?

  6. Wow! I’m going through the same journey. Discovered the doctors described and transitioning to plant based. Learning more each day such as reduce oil and fat. Can’t shift pre diabetic belly fat. Been on strong prescription drugs for arterial disease, BP, diabetes and symptoms getting worse. From 0 meds 2 years ago to 12 per day. Want off of this merry go round! Will look up your journey. Thanks Mary

  7. I am 58, Italian, and have been on the low carb diet and went to the gym as well, got high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and cholesterol. After a trip to the emergency room, eating a diet like this (low sodium more so than fat), is dropping the weight off and improving my health. In 3 weeks I have dropped a size already and feel amazing (with a 30-50 min walk each day).Low carb isn't for everyone.

  8. Wow. I've just finished a month of keto and let me tell you: keto is total BS. After the month trial I felt like absolute crap. Going back to plant based. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I was already enjoying your video when you said, "a girl needs her ranch dressing". You get it! I'm totally subscribing to your channel!

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