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How I meal prep | No veggies included | Carlos Salcedo Fitness

How I meal prep | No veggies included | Carlos Salcedo Fitness

How I meal prep | No veggies included | Carlos Salcedo Fitness

I haven’t uploaded for more than a week for personal reason. But here is how I usually meal prep, this is a real cheap and easy way to cook chicken and rice for those that we don’t have much time. Hope this video helps you a little bit, the Peruvian seasoning can be found on Amazon, I’ll leave the link below. As allways follow me on Facebook and Instagram, I’ll make sure I’ll follow you back. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. This is great im Peruvian as well and i for some reason hate vegetables, love the content!!! do u have any advice on how i should prep this meal if i want to be cut?

  2. All the vegetables at my shopping centre are sold out, because people panic for lockdown and buy everything. I don't know what to do

  3. You don't like vegetables? Or you just didn't want to include it? I'm a 17 year old starting to workout but I don't like vegetables any tips?

  4. Awesome intro! And I am always looking for more meal prep tips so this was great! Also awesome that you have 2 languages on your videos! You're so lucky to have a rice cooker aha!

  5. Great video brother, I dont food prep myself but if it keeps you on your goals then I am all for you 💪

  6. This looks made good..I don't eat meat though 😔..I would have to substitute it for fish! But I really need to do this to save money! Thank you so much for stopping by my channel and showing love! I sub back and trust me I will continue to support your channel #teamsupport!

  7. Never sprayed the rice but makes sense bro because spray has less calories.  Bro it was 119. hahaha!  I have to try the Aji Panca.  Great video bro.  L

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