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How To Meal Plan For MAXIMUM WEIGHT LOSS πŸ€”πŸ₯”πŸ² / EAT MORE WEIGH LESS / starch solution

How To Meal Plan For MAXIMUM WEIGHT LOSS πŸ€”πŸ₯”πŸ² / EAT MORE WEIGH LESS / starch solution

How To Meal Plan For MAXIMUM WEIGHT LOSS πŸ€”πŸ₯”πŸ² / EAT MORE WEIGH LESS / starch solution

ARE YOU TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT? Are you following the starch solution or a plant based diet and in need of some help with your weight loss goals? Then this is a MUST watch video!
A calorie density approach to weight loss can be achieved in more than one way, even though most are familar with the 50/50 plate as being the main way. In today’s video, I give multipe suggestions how to reduce calorie density in ANY meal you are eating, to help you on your plant based weight loss journey! Understanding high and low calorie density foods and the importance of calorie density is the key to maximum weight loss following an oil free whole food plant based diet!

My weight loss recipe ebook has over 50 super simple oil free recipes like these recipes I talk about today! So if you are looking for more easy recipes for health or weight loss then you can grab a copy here:


Here is my video explaining food seqencing for weight loss: https://youtu.be/XXyR2BIKFu0
Here is my last “what i eat in a day”: https://youtu.be/BHpAQXkRI6w

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  1. Excellent ideas!! Love this Stasia! Have you ever read the book β€œVolumetrics” by Barbara Rolls? She wrote a book a long time ago about this…I had forgotten how easy this can be. You simplify things greatly. Thanks!

  2. Loved all these tips! Adding rice cauliflower to oats makes then even creamer. I ordered your ebook in late September. Was it supposed to arrive via email? I probably did something wrong in ordering it but I did pay for it. Please advise!❀

  3. These should be "duh" ideas for me, but they're really not. They're GREAT reminders, and I needed to hear this today as I'm at a stalemate. Thank you!! 😊

  4. Instead of giving advice which I love. Don’t take this comment in a negative way, I would like to see you SHOW us how you make and add Cauliflower to your Cereal. I would love more food making videos. πŸ™‚

  5. This was very helpful. Just to mention two things that you missed. Number one, the calorie density of various ways of preparing potatoes. Air fried potatoes, for example where the water has been removed will tempt you to eat more and are more inherently calorie dense. Eating boiled or steamed potatoes is the best way and the way that presents with the fewest number of calories and, in the end you will be fuller, you will feel Fuller than if you had consumed some air fried potatoes. Another way, perhaps a better way, too reduce the caloric density of various sauces and dressings, is to substitute things like beans or pb2 instead of nuts. In the case of beans, something like cannellini beans that don't have very much inherent flavor can be substituted for nuts in dressings, and pb2 powder has significantly less calories and fat in it than nuts and can be substituted as a one-to-one.

  6. I've been using an oil free hummus (homemade) with a flavored balsamic vinegar mixed together, a little water to make it pour a bit and sometimes a little sambal oelek (tiny bit) because I love a kick – great dressing that is creamy.

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