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How to stop BINGE eating // 9 tools + my personal experience (Day 13)

How to stop BINGE eating // 9 tools + my personal experience (Day 13)

How to stop BINGE eating // 9 tools + my personal experience (Day 13)

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Today we are talking about binge eating, and some tools to help.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re struggling with an eating disorder or think you need specialized help, please contact a mental health professional. For crisis situations, you may reach out to the National Eating Disorders Association helpline. https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helpline

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  1. This is so good getting to the root of the problem. Thank you for sharing your personal experience. I have been struggling with this for some time and in the process of healing my relationship with food and myself.

  2. when my parents got really ill i turned to binging.. this was 3 years ago they are better now and not in and out of hospitals but i never broke the binging cycle. i always promised myself i’d stop tomorrow etc. but i never did. 3 years ago i was 110 pounds and healthy and now im 150 pounds and losing my mind. i was really fit and healthy and now it’s like im disgusting

  3. Is it just me who already knows everything in these videos but eventually I end up binge eating every non-healthy thing possible

  4. Wow these are such great tips! I’d never thought of most of them before but will be so much more aware now.
    I’ve struggled with binging for quite a few years now and my weight has hit an all time high.
    These tips will help to turn this around. Thanks ❤

  5. The actual truth is if you want to stop binge eating, it's really quite simple for most people. It is not hard at all if you know what causes it in the first place.
    Binge eating is a very simple problem and easy to solve, it you understand the real cause you won't get from the mass media, most doctors, nutritionists, weight loss companies, youtube influencers, or most everybody else.
    Ignore all of this nonsense this woman is talking about. You don't binge eat because you lack willpower. You binge eat because your food choices suck.
    This is reality, and now for the solution I believe nobody here will be open-minded or smart enough to understand.
    You are binging because you eat addictive foods, bottom line. If you just quit eating sugar, processed foods, vegetable oils and food additives, and just eat real, sugar free natural foods, and nothing else, this will cure your binge eating problems.
    Just eat anything that comes from nature (except fruit, which has sugar in it). It's that simple. Your binges will stop immediately.
    Ignore all the other mumbo jumbo she is talking about.
    Just eat meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whatever and avoid fruit because it has sugar in it which is addicting.
    Do this, and I promise you will never binge anymore…

  6. i have lost 40 pounds but for some reason now i have just been spinning my wheels in the 180s and binge eating is a problem.

  7. I have found eating ZERO carbohydrates totally eliminates binge eating ( 4 me) . Remove the addictive food and the addiction takes a back seat…

  8. I feel like the thumbnail image was unnecessary and made it hard for me to click on the video and take it seriously. Eating disorders are not a joke, if you're giving tips on how to overcome binge eating why would you use a potentially triggering image of a slim individual eating a huge burger to advertise it?

  9. I ate whole 1780kcal cake. 2 whole teriyaki pork chops with rice. 2 packs of ramen with bunch of tofu and sausage pieces. And I could eat more if I had anything I wanna eat at home. But eating something weird isn’t worth it cuz my stomach hurts so bad. And my kitchen is whole mess and I can’t get myself to clean it up anyways. I crave burgers.

  10. For me it is a problem at night. I tend to eat not enough calories during the day, feel good about that. Go to bed, get out in the middle of the night, or even before falling to sleep. And start eating. Actually pretty healthy foods since I don't have rubbish food in my house. So like a banana, non fat yoghurt with berries, whole weed crackers.
    The thing is I am on sleep medication. Often I forgot what I did and see it the next day. It is so frustrating. I am working out, lost some nice weight in the past 5 months, counting calories, and yet at night I have no boundaries. Sometimes I am half asleep. I hate it. Wish I could break the cycle. Guess eating a little more during the day may help a bit. It is turning into a real problem and when I don't loose weight because of it I feel really depressed…

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