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I ate Youfoodz for 2 weeks and lost over 5kgs!

I ate Youfoodz for 2 weeks and lost over 5kgs!

I ate Youfoodz for 2 weeks and lost over 5kgs!

We decided to kickstart ourselves back to healthy after a long break due to Covid closing the gyms here in Australia. Yes we’d let ourselves go. Too much food, not enough exercise so today we decided to make a change. The wife wanted to try YOUFOODZ so we both gave it a shot and ate ONLY YOUFOODZ for 2 weeks! Well the headline gives it away and I lost 5.1kg (around 11 pounds) in those 2 weeks and never felt hungry at all. I think you can see the difference those 5kgs make especially in my face. Stick around until the end though because I continued for another 2 weeks just eating my own food to see if we found any further differences.

Happy to say, I’m less of a fatty than before we started and being fitter is much better. Consistency is key and although you’re likely to plateau at some stage and results are going to slow down, just keep at it. Be consistent and you’ll get results…the key to most things in life. I wish you the very best of luck with your own goals, whatever they may be and I’ll keep plugging away at mine here.

Thanks for watching and have a great day!

Unpacking the Boxes 3:53
Trying the food for the first time: 9:11
After 2 Weeks: 13:16
After 4 Weeks: 19:38

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  1. in a 2 week period i used to spend upwards of $345 on take away now i spend $250 a fortnight so defenetly cheaper. and yes it is cheaper to homecook but i dont have time.

  2. Just ordered my first week to try, 9 large portion meals and two soups. Works out the same as what I have been spending on takeout after discounts.

    You ate 5 of these meals a day? Were any of those the snack options?

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