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I Tried An Ayurvedic Diet Based On My Dosha!

I Tried An Ayurvedic Diet Based On My Dosha!

I Tried An Ayurvedic Diet Based On My Dosha!

Yoga Journal video contributor Sky Cowans tries following an Ayurvedic nutrition plan based on her dosha (mind-body type).

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest health system and the sister science of yoga. Ayurveda is based on the elements in nature. According to Ayurveda, there are three mind-body types called the doshas. Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. Vatta is air, Pitta is fire and Kapha is the earth. Based on your mind-body type, Ayurveda offers various nutrition, self-care, and spiritual recommendations to bring the mind, body, and spirit back into balance and harmony.

In this video, Sky interviews Sahara Rose, an Ayurvedic expert and nutritionist. Sahara discusses Sky’s Pitta imbalance and advises her how to structure a meal plan to bring her body back to balance.


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Namaste Yogis!

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  1. I always find it funny when people say they find it a chore to make all their meals by themselves … What do they normally do?

  2. This looks delicious. I could totally see tailoring this with traditional Chinese medicine info about Yin/Yang and Qi type nutrition. Once you do a complete overhaul, I think it can get cheaper then $250 a week🤔. Good to also think environmental, sustainably and seasonal in your purchasing.

  3. I am Happy that world is studying and then teaching Ayurveda, Yoga and several more such Ancient Indian Hindu practices.
    Love this video ❤️

  4. You have a BEAUTIFUL energy! I love your style! Those meals look yummy! I know i have a LOT of Pitta too, i kept being told i told my games too seriously, i searched for perfection and wins,never finding complete fulfillment however. I did not get to completely relax most of my life. I know i enjoyed chocolate and mocca lots,so we have this in common (not that you mentioned chocolate, but you know what i mean). I tend to test either tridoshic or as Vata-Pitta (got Pitta Vata once, not yet sure of my type). This is a good watch, thanks for the video!

  5. 6:30 why is pitta dosha having such hot spices food ? U already have high hot digestion that tea will send the fire to the moon 😳

  6. Is the person fire too? Too excited about a dosha type? Lol!!! As mentioned u r all the doshas, u need everything to work in balance n health… anything going out of balance causes stress on the body n mind
    We all think n dream, we all r anxious, we all get frustrated n angry, we all r at peace n relaxing n caring for others

  7. Suffering from Piles for 7 months, N excess urination n leakage, Ayurvedic doc prescribed medicine for liver, swelling, piles, n stomach related n easy motion but in between I got many times hard stool, bleeding. So, I'm not fully satisfied.
    Doctor says you're pitta body type, can you share ayurvedic diet plan for curing piles according to my pitta body type.

  8. I really want to try this!! I will once I get a home I'm currently living at a friends house but I cant wait 🙏❤

  9. actually we dont eat according to our prakriti (doshic constitution), this is a common mistake people do. We eat to protect our agni and to guarantee the nutrition of the body tissues. Sometimes it is actually the vikriti, the doshas imbalances that will guide in what food one should eat. Hopefully you were discussing about imbalances… anyway, some of the spices you are avoiding can guarantee the quality of your agni, you just need to learn some techniques of preparing them to reduce the action that could harm you. ie: shunti, which is the dried ginger, it has so much less heat than the fresh one and you can use it. It will actually help to balance the digestive fire and the pitta imbalance when combined with some food. One strong rule Charaka acharya (one of the classic masters of ayurveda) speaks about is the concept of viruddha ahara, and this combination of fruits creating the smothie is a type of viruddha, or incompatible food to the body… the habbit of intaking it will def harm your digestive fire.

  10. Pitta dosha(Anti inflammatory diet)type diet help for cancer patients.eat more cool food to fight body fire or acidity(Anti inflammatory diet)aspiashially cure hot flushes with cool food like barley,oats,fennel seed,ghee,coriander seeds and green cardamon,rose water ,Aloe Vera green vagies will help.

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