Weight Loss Meal Plan

i tried every meal kit so you don't have to (canada edition)

i tried every meal kit so you don't have to (canada edition)

i tried every meal kit so you don't have to (canada edition)

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For weeks Kelsey has been ordering and testing different meal kit boxes to find out once and for all which is the best! We do live in Toronto, and some of these boxes may not be available in other places! Have you tried any of these boxes? Which would you try?!

Stay tuned for a part 2 where Kelsey tries even more boxes!

GoodFood: https://www.makegoodfood.ca/en/home
Fresh City: https://www.freshcityfarms.com/
Hello Fresh: https://www.hellofresh.ca/
Chef’s Plate: https://www.chefsplate.com/

Check out the food box chart here: http://bit.ly/2WmbTCn

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Video for Weight Loss Meal Plan Delivery Canada
Weight Loss Meal Plan Delivery Canada youtube video content


  1. Why do you waste everybody's time with all this nonsense … spiders and the gym … sorry, not up for this BS. -1

  2. "what i steered towards with all these is the 'veggie' (plan)" — yeah that's great if you're a vegetarian. i'm not. this video's a hard pass for me. thanks for nothing kelsey.

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