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Indian Winter Diet Plan | Nov Weight Loss Challenge | Full Fat Loss Meal Plan | 1300 Cal | Hindi

Indian Winter Diet Plan | Nov Weight Loss Challenge | Full Fat Loss Meal Plan | 1300 Cal | Hindi

Indian Winter Diet Plan | Nov Weight Loss Challenge | Full Fat Loss Meal Plan | 1300 Cal | Hindi

Hello Everyone, Today’s Video is all about. Indian Winter Diet Plan for Nov Weight Loss Challenge. Full 1300 Cal Fat Loss Meal Plan. Have you taken up My November Festival Weight Loss challenge to Maintain & lose weight ! If yes, here is the 2 week Indian veg diet / Meal Plan to help you achieve your festival weight loss goals. With this diet plan you can have a balanced and nutritious diet on a day to day basis. This Indian diet plan have all the major food groups as its integral part, it’s very simple, highly balanced yet easy to follow.

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  1. Jab b diet per jati hu mera wt Kuch gms Kam hokar stuck ho jata h Kya karu 72 se wt Kam hi nahi ho raha Plz guide

  2. As I already mentioned weekness feel ho Rahi h post Carona vaccination di still can I follow this diet plan .. kindly reply I g wait

  3. Weekly detox n intermediate fasting ki aapki kaun C videos h kindly share link di so tht I can start this plan tomm or day after ji

  4. Next December ka diet plan ya koi bhi plan layein toh please give sufficient reminders in advance di to be on safer side

  5. मैं तो आपका चैनल रही हूं देख रही हूं यह वेट लॉस डाइट आपने कब बताइए मिस कैसे हो गई मेरे से जो मैंने आपकी लाश वीडियो देखी थी थोड़े दिन पहले आपने कहा था थोड़े दिन में बताऊंगी डाइट प्लान

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  7. Your diet plan timing doesn't suit to my daily office routine, i leave for office at 8:00am and returned back at 8:00 pm, your all diet chart suitable for house wives not for a working women.

  8. Plz koi tareeqa bata dein asaan sa asal m ghr wale diet krne deete jab k m weight lose krna chahti hn plz bta dein

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