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Jessica Turton – 'Low Carbohydrate Diets For Type 1 Diabetes'

Jessica Turton – 'Low Carbohydrate Diets For Type 1 Diabetes'

Jessica Turton – 'Low Carbohydrate Diets For Type 1 Diabetes'

Jessica Turton is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with post-graduate qualifications in Nutrition & Dietetics and full membership with the Dietitians Association of Australia. She completed her Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Sydney in 2017 and was awarded the Faculty of Health Sciences Dean’s Scholar Award for her combined degree.

Jessica’s Masters Research Project was to conduct a systematic review of all low-carbohydrate diets in the management of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. This paper was recently published in the scientific journal, PLOS ONE, in March 2018. Jessica was also the recipient of the Charles Perkins Centre Summer Research Scholarship in 2016/17 where she was part of a team that conducted analyses to investigate the association of industry-funding and results in published studies examining the effect of whole-grain intake for cardiovascular disease prevention.

Jessica is interested in developing, evaluating and improving dietetic strategies for the management of diabetes and aims to undertake her Research Doctorate (Ph.D) in July 2018. Though diabetes management is one of her major areas of interest, Jessica is passionate about utilising the nutrition care process to investigate the role of diet in a wide range of health conditions and symptoms, including obesity, insulin resistance syndrome, hypertension, PCOS, dyslipidaemia, gastrointestinal issues and more.

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  1. My daughter has been diagnosed with diabetes T1 and has been told to have 240 carbs per day
    I was reading the comments and they said that 100 carbs a day is too high
    Now I’m very concerned, what are the doctors doing to my daughter as if she’s an experiment. ????

  2. Glucose equals sugar. That’s what it means. Even fiber will turn into glucagon in the colon which turns into sugar. It just takes longer to do it. The only reason we burn out beta cells in the pancreas is because of sugar. Eventually it eats them up. The American diabetes Association will not tell you this. I eat no more than 30 g, 30 g of carbohydrate per day including protein which is the best source for type ones. I cannot believe anyone would kill a person with 330 g! I endocrinologist said that she had never met anyone with my 4.7 A-1 C. I have been studying Dr. Richard Bernstein for two years and I’m still here at 70 years old. I work out every day. And I must say I do look good.

  3. The American diabetes Association nearly killed me and I do mean that literally. I follow their advice to the tea and was in the hospital with keto acidosis! Finally I found Dr. Richard Bernstein on YouTube, diabetes solutions. I got his book and I listen to his seminars every month. My A1 C went from eight down to 4.7 and my complications have disappeared! I swear, the government and its regulations are here to destroy us. Sugar is even in the vegetables of all things and I never knew it. They have put sugar everywhere to destroy our pancreas and beta cells. End it has worked religiously. My pancreas no longer works. And no it’s not inherited. I got it at age 55.

  4. It's great that she took on the job of investigating a low carb diet for us, T1D's. It's been a couple of years, got any recommendations yet? 😉 some preliminary dietary plan maybe?

  5. Type 1 since i was 4 years old and now in my 40's. This is exactly what ive been looking for as feel that what ive been led to believe my whole life by the medical profession was very poor advice and poorly researched.

  6. I am a 80 yr old type 1 diabetic, with a ST. Judes Hrt valve. Diabitic since 1970, hrt valve in 1990. I Am 5'6", 153 lbs. and in good condition. BUT !!! Now live in WALES, where I think the medical staff is not able to assist me with the Diabetes needs that I want! I formally lived in the U.S.. What can I do?

  7. I was diagnosed with type 1 in 1970. I am finally getting really good control on a near-carnivore diet.

    Not one endocrinologist has ever given me good advice on my diabetes. In fact, leaving aside moral problems with the practice, eating only endocrinologists would be a better diet for me than anything any endocrinologist has suggested… one board-certified one insisted that eating under 100g of carbohydrates per day might endanger my brain…

  8. i have had type 1 from 11yo till now i'm 50yo shots stop working on me n i was put on a pump i prayed every night for God to let shots work back on me cause of the type of work at the time i was doing n having to wear a needle in my body n God let the shots work back on me n now i don't wear a pump but i have started taking Keto to help me lose some fat off my tummy n when i'm done i'll let u know how good it was.

  9. I'm from America. I got diagnosed with T1D when I was 12, 8 years ago. It was several years before I found out that normal people's blood sugars were like, A1C of 5.8 or 6. I was told to try and stay within 7-8. If that's not the normal range, why was that my aim? I just feel like I wasn't told the right things and it makes me upset.

  10. I've recently experimented being on an extremely low carb diet less than 20g a day and my glucose reading have improved almost 100% only having a few lows… Why haven't I was informed of this since I was diagnosed 21 years ago? 🤔

  11. The 10 people who disliked this are the doctors that will lose money when you don't need to buy as much insulin and the food companies that will lose money when you go low carb!

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