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Kaiser Positive Choice Program Week 2

Kaiser Positive Choice Program Week 2

Kaiser Positive Choice Program Week 2

Here I am continuing to share my journey and experiences as I go through they required bariatric program called Kaiser positive choices. I am now on week two and all is great so far! Feel free to ask me any questions… I am part of the San Diego program.

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  1. Hi, I am in San Diego as well, My Dr. is at Vandever. Just how hard is it to get a Kaiser Dr. to even refer you to this program? While I was working I could eat anything and never gained anything but since retiring, 15 yrs. now I have gained over 100 lbs and a BMI currently at 38 so Obese. I have tried numerous fad diets, carb and fat blockers, subliminal videos, acupuncture, water pills; with minor results to a BMI of 35 but no lower. I am a Senior 69 and male. I cut out nearing everything only drink arrowhead water, cut all sugar stuff candy, baked goods, ice cream, cut nearly all carb except now and then some chips; I have had gout too so mostly vegan now no meat, no fish, no turkey once a week have a dark meat chicken no white meat and twice a month get from carl's jr. 2 beyond burgers with lettuce wrap. Currently only eating 700 cal. a day. Anyway sent message to my Dr. but nothing back yet. This post says 2019 aren't there any updates, did you have the surgery, has it helped?

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