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Kapha Dosha Diet [10 Ayurvedic Tips for Balance]

Kapha Dosha Diet [10 Ayurvedic Tips for Balance]

Kapha Dosha Diet [10 Ayurvedic Tips for Balance]

Balancing kapha dosha begins by balancing what’s on your plate! These are the best approaches in Ayurveda to creating and maintaining a kapha balancing diet that works for you and your kapha body type.

These 10 tips will give you an in-depth Ayurvedic perspective on the vital roles that taste, temperature, and energetics play when it comes to selecting supportive food items. We’ll go over detailed listings of foods to favor, foods to avoid, as well as the Ayurvedic principles behind creating a kapha pacifying diet. Diet can do wonders when it comes to helping you feel more energetic, motivated, and ready to take on the world.

We’ll also touch on some easy recipes that make for the perfect kapha balancing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to support you. You may even find yourself achieving your ideal weight by incorporating these kapha-busting Ayurvedic insights!

The journey towards a healthier diet begins with one ingredient at a time.

For more kapha tips and recipes head to our website. Wondering if you might be a kapha dosha or something else? Click here to take the dosha quiz: http://bit.ly/banyan-kapha-diet-quiz

Best Spices for Kapha: http://bit.ly/banyan-kapha-spicelist
Kapha-Balancing Foods Lists: http://bit.ly/banyan-kapha-diet


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  1. Hi I have a question I am 6'3 and 180 pretty skinny. Since I am a kapha does that mean I will become stockier when I get older since kaphas are usually big.

  2. I'm confused. In one clip, you said that olive oil is not suitable for Kapha dosha; in another clip, you suggested sauteing with olive oil. Will you please explain how and when olive oil is appropriate to use.

  3. Sucks to be kapha no matter all the positive things people say. It’s so hard to be one. So many rules dos and donts it’s frustrating

  4. Iam really appreciating you for your great work and view towards ayurveda. Come to kerala Learn more 🌿🌿

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