Weight Loss Meal Plan

KETO DIET Meal Plan | 1300 Calories | 90g Protein | Weight Loss

KETO DIET Meal Plan | 1300 Calories | 90g Protein | Weight Loss

KETO DIET Meal Plan | 1300 Calories | 90g Protein | Weight Loss

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In this keto diet meal plan video, I am showing you what might be possible to eat on an example day of eating for 1300 calories, with 90g Protein, 40g Total Carbs and 90g Fats.

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  1. Hi Aaron, yes the keto diet works very well with me. After a frustrating doctor's appointment where I'd gained 3 kgs in a month, I knew I'd go back to the ketogenic diet, lose a lot of weight. So good so far. I'm Australian, in Tasmania. Your recipes are great, and you present really well. I'd love to get your book, so will keep an eye out to there.

  2. I'm an Aussie. Love your videos. They are awesome, particularly as the ingredients are Australian, making it easier to source. When you use the imperial weights it can be a bit frustrating tho.

  3. Do you have any suggestions for recipes for people that are doing Omad For one good meal a day. I guess the other question is you created three meals on this is the total about 1300 cal or is each meal 1300 cal?

  4. Trying to start keto and love every thing of got out of things you show on YouTube hope this is going to get me back on track cause Spence covid I have put on so much weight I’m type so I need to real get down in weight so if there is anything you can help me with would be great keep those videos coming learning a lot from them

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