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Let’s Talk About Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss (Is the Mayr Method a MIRACLE CURE?!)

Let’s Talk About Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss (Is the Mayr Method a MIRACLE CURE?!)

Let’s Talk About Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss (Is the Mayr Method a MIRACLE CURE?!)

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Hey everyone I’m Abbey Sharp welcome to Abbey’s Kitchen. In todays video, we will be talking about Rebel Wilson’s weight-loss journey.

Thanks to Kayla Nelson for the inspiration for teaching https://youtu.be/OZGjx9nc5j4

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2) Please use this video (as with all of my review videos) as educational, not as unique recommendations.
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4) Trigger warning to those with disordered eating tendencies.
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Contribution by Giselle Segovia RD MHSc and Annette Chrzaniecki BASc, MPH

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  1. TO CLARIFY: I absolutely should have called out Kayla at the start. I normally do this and I cannot believe I didnt. I am human and it slipped my mind while filming. I also have been a bit hands off the past few weeks for personal reasons so my team packaged the video and didn’t add the link. Again- that was a miss. But this video was not meant to criticize Kayla in ANY way. It was commenting on the diet itself. The only thing we disagreed on was that this was a sustainable diet. Sorry again folks- I’m having a rough time rn.

  2. I get all the bullshit diet that I get to comment on it's sad that I luv the person that I am following the person I luv as an actor and comedian and goes through bullshit to follow diet

  3. I know this is not related to this video, but I just wanted to thank you! I have suffered with disordered eating for over a decade and have had little to no help from external resources. Finding your channel and listening to all of the educational instruction you provide on food, I have been able to see food differently! I'm not saying this has been a cure all, but it has definitely improved my relationship with food, and for that I am very grateful! Thank you and keep doing you!

  4. I have a type of arthritis that not only makes inflammations on my knees but also on my eyes (uveitis). And a month ago I cut dairy and gluten from my meals because it was contributing for my inflammations. So cutting those things sometimes is good but you have to check with your doctor!

  5. She mentioned the thing about mind-gut connection so it takes 5 minutes for you to get the message your full, so next time you eat make yourself a plate with conservative portions and then wait 5 minutes to get your second helping. It will keep you from overeating, especially if you chew your food thoroughly (I think 40-60 times is a little much, but at least 20-25 minutes). The thing about not socializing or watching tv while eating is just supposed to keep you present when you’re eating and paying attention to your body, you’re way less likely to overeat. I wish I could try this diet but I’m not supposed to eat raw fruit or vegetables because I have bezoars, which means my body has a really hard time digesting certain foods and then they become these cluplike balls of food in your tummy( they are gross looking, my gastroenterologist showed me pictures after my last endoscopy). I already have the the diet the gastroenterologist gave me plus I have to abstain from gluten, grain, and lactose.

  6. I REALLY appreciate your videos. I am struggling with bloating and recurrent gut "blow-outs". You've shed light on many pseudo-science "tips" or "rules" that I did not realize were unfounded. Good health starts with a healthy mind. Thank you for your content!

  7. I found you on TikTok a few months ago and have been so grateful ever since! Hearing this knowledge and learning about different foods/fads/diets have been so helpful for my relationship with food.

  8. Dude, can you imagine how long ago we would have died out as a species if all this pseudo-science stuff was real? Throwing off our pH, disrupting our digestive enzymes by drinking water…Call me crazy, but I don't think hunter gatherers were thinking of these things 🤦‍♀

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