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Make your OWN WEIGHT LOSS DIET PLAN FOR FREE | Calorie Deficit Diet

Make your OWN WEIGHT LOSS DIET PLAN FOR FREE | Calorie Deficit Diet

Make your OWN WEIGHT LOSS DIET PLAN FOR FREE | Calorie Deficit Diet

How to make ur own diet plan for weight loss .Calories counting and calorie deficit ? These are terms we are daily bombarded with What is it all about ? U can make your own diet plan for weight loss following this method. How to count calories for weight and fat loss. Benefits and negatives of counting calories in your diet. Let’s find out the entire details .

TDEE calculator : https://tdeecalculator.net/

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  1. Everything is explained in detail thank you. Also aap khud hi kaan ke piche Bal kar rahe hai and fir khud hi aage le rahe hai ๐Ÿคญ

  2. I am currently *76kgs, male, 29 years old, 5 feet 10inches(178cms height**). I have been on a constant diet of between **1200 – 1500calories/day* for the last one month to lose *3kgs from 79kg**. I have been eating healthy majorly and my macros would look like averaging **130 – 180gms carbs; 50 – 80gms protein, 30 – 50gms fats, 20 – 30gms fibre daily**. Also my workouts were home-based, including **5000 steps walked daily (250cals burned), mix of weight lifting, belly exercises, pushups, skipping for a total of 500 cals average burned daily.* My goal is to reach a healthy BMI weight of *70kgs* so I need to lose another *6kgs **atleast. But most importantly i have a wary of **belly fat 36inch waist* which protrudes and bothers me to get on this weight loss journey. My aim is to reduce the belly fat to *below 32 inches**. I don't have any other fat except belly fat as I have a slim body overall. I have also been drinking **green tea, ginger lemon water* to boost my journey and incorporated slight *intermittent fasting* hours of *14 – 16hrs daily**. Despite being on heavy caloric deficits and intense workouts, I am able to lose **3kgs* but my** belly still protrudes*. How can I improve myself? As per maintenance I will require at least **2500 cals* to maintain weight with moderate to intensely active, so im constantly cutting around *1500 to 1800cals(including 500cals for workouts) but as per my weight stats, it shows i have been only losing 6000cals weekly average(0.75kg, if 7700cals=1kg lost) in the last month to attain 3kgs lost from 79 to 76**. I eat breakfast around **11 – 12pm, lunch in between, and dinner max by 9.30pm**. I track all my calories quite accurately using **healthifyme app* so what am I doing wrong. Is there any other ways to accelerate my weight loss process as i wanna cut disturbing *belly fat* first. Don't seem to be building that much muscle either as my workouts are mostly cardio** based. *Also most my meals are delivered from healthy restaurants via **swiggy/zomato **as* I dont** have a kitchen in the house to cook my meals. No sugars/minimal salt/No junk/no milk.**
    My meals would look like – **ragi dosa/oatmeal with nuts, grill chicken breasts/chicken soups, cucumber/carrot salads, khichdis, max 2-3whole wheat rotis daily, fruits(apple, mango, guava, pears). Please suggest me if I can improve my workouts/diet(sorry for long essay)**๐Ÿ™

  3. didi please bataiyye roti 3 kha sakte hain din me do rat me ek…. kafi log bolte hain chodo roti๐Ÿ˜‘ ap lekin sahi bat karti ho ap batao

  4. Hi dear.. i gained lots of weight after my miscarriage at 4 month's of delivery.i got nothing but extra weight. now my weight is 76 ,height 5 feet 2 inc. please suggest me how can i loose weight. I am following your exercises from one week.

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