Weight Loss Meal Plan

MEAL PREP | 8 ingredients for healthy, flexible recipes all week (+ shopping list)

MEAL PREP | 8 ingredients for healthy, flexible recipes all week (+ shopping list)

MEAL PREP | 8 ingredients for healthy, flexible recipes all week (+ shopping list)

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★ My 2022 videos (playlist): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmG6XZ6dRgFJepCWfMcZhwpyQgFSylhQr



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this video only offers general health and diet advice. always check with your dietician or doctor to make sure that. a new diet or way of eating is suitable for you. you may need or require specialized advice, health and diet guidance, or personalized meal plans. calories and recipe amounts in this video are only rough estimates. this information is not intended to cure any type of health condition or deliver any kind of particular result. always store your prepped food in airtight containers as soon as it is ready, and promptly store it in the fridge to keep fresh. always consume your prepped food within the appropriate amount of time, and discard prepped food if it has gone bad.

THIS IS PURELY INTENDED AS/ AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. This information/ video is not intended as medical advice, or intended to replace medical or psychological advice. Always consult with your health/ medical practitioner or doctor before you try a new health routine, a new way of consuming meals, a new diet, a new meal plan, meal prep or a calorie restricted diet. There are no guaranteed results from these recipes, this diet, these products, or from this video.
All calorie amounts mentioned are estimates only.

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  1. Hi Liezl,
    I just wanted to let you know that Iove your meal prep videos along with your other videos. Your helping know how to prepare the right items.
    Thank you…

  2. It’s not a shopping list if we have to go threw each recipe item and pick each and every single ingredient, why not just list the products as an actual “shopping list” then document the recipes below, if you need “clicks” just say that please

  3. Hey! I love all of your videos and greatly appreciate it all ❤ Do you have any prepped meals that are good for a college students with no access to any cooking utensils other than a microwave? And very small storage (I have half of a tall mini fridge). I want to start working out as well so if the food will help with not only weight loss, but so I can build muscles that would be amazing 💪 If you can't then no worries. Thanks for everything 🥰

  4. How did you know I needed this?! I’ve been struggling with vegetarian meal prep ideas. This is perfect! love the ebook too. Thank you so much Liezl 😊

  5. You have the best meal prep videos on YouTube! Always excited to see your new meal prep videos & loved that you brought back an OG favorite bread recipe. Thanks for the inspiration to eat healthier!

  6. This is absolutely what I’ve been looking for! I have ADD though, so I had a mini breakdown halfway through making it. 😅 I gave up but I’m going to keep going tomorrow night! Try, try again! How long are these preps taking “newbies?”

  7. Hi Liezl, thanks for the video. Is there anything else I could use instead of Tahini for the hummus? Thanks for your asnwer 🙂

  8. Dot from UK
    Hi, great video easy to understand thank you so much. Would love to try the oat and chia bread so I am gluten intolerant. I don't have an oven but have just bought an air fryer, do you know how long and at what temperature you bake this loaf in an air fryer? Once again thank you for sharing look forward to watching more of your videos, lots of love Dot x

  9. Bad idea watching this video at 22 hours 😁 i'm so hungry now 😆
    Bake vegetable is my most popular meal and with dip of baked gralic 🤤

  10. This is awesome. I love this idea and this entire prep! I really want to try this bread. Liked and subscribed – what a great idea!!!! Please do more of these ♥️

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