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Mediterranean Diet 101 | The Authentic Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet 101 | The Authentic Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet 101 | The Authentic Mediterranean Diet

What is the Mediterranean Diet? The best diet for diabetes? The best diet for heart health? The easiest diet to follow? Learn all about the healthy, high fat diet, how it works, and determine if it is right for you!

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Free 3 Day Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Meal Plan

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Foods of Crete E-Book Edition

The recipes:
Horta (greens) and Potatoes:

Horta (Greens) with Potatoes (Recipe and How-To Video)

Authentic Greek Salad:

Authentic Greek Salad (Horiátiki Salata)


► How to Start the Mediterranean Diet

► The Mediterranean Diet: Pros & Cons:

► How to Save Money on the Mediterranean Diet:

► What I Eat in a Day on the Mediterranean Diet:

► Mediterranean Diet for Beginners:

There are thousands of studies on the Mediterranean diet showing benefits for everything from arthritis to dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer and longevity. Doctors and dietitians are telling their patients to eat the Mediterranean Diet, but there seems to be some misconceptions and lack of education about what the diet really is.

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Mediterranean Diet for Heart Health

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The Mediterranean Diet

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  1. My wife and I just switched from the ketogenetic diet to the Mediterranean diet. After years of keto and losing over 25 lbs, we felt as if we were missing out on a lot of food we weren't able to eat. Let me tell you, not only have I escaped my plateu but I can honestly say that I've never been so satisfied in my life. The food we eat now is so much more healthier and tastier than I could have ever imagined. Thanks for your vids, it have been transformative!

  2. There’s no such thing as a Mediterranean diet. The people in the Mediterranean have various ways of eating that include multiple regions. They don’t even all eat the same thing

  3. I'm dealing with NASH (liver fibrosis) from Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. I keep hearing the mediteranian diet is good for NAFLD but I also hear that I should eat lean meat, low fat, low sugar (carb). Anyone had success with this on the mediteranian diet?

  4. I need to say this because you being an RD pushing for a diet is not what an RD is supposed to do. Because of anecdotal evidence and studies swaying either side on the pendulum of pros and cons it's of course your individual decision to try to live by a "diet" but the RD's approach is not diet culture but maintaining and reaching balance of every single food group. You reaching a calorie deficit by eating what you ate is great, but you can reach a calorie deficit by eating a myriad of foods that tackle more macro and micro nutrients. There is no doubt in my mind you are nutrient deficient in some way.

  5. When will your cookbook “Foods of Crete “ be available?
    It’s currently showing unavailable on your website and Amazon.

  6. I've looked online for your cookbook, but it's unavailable – only e–version. Will there be more copies, or it's just going to be kindle version?

  7. I want to cry 🥹 tears of joy! I came home yesterday from a cardiologist office telling me I’m in trouble. I may have a blockage. I do have plaque on the outside of the major artery. Lost in panic stricken thoughts I was overwhelmed on how to begin the Mediterranean diet and……today ( 10-20-22) your video came in a feed! That was the Holy Spirit leading me 🙏🏻. Thank you for making such easy to understand and well put together videos ( funny too!). I have hope in living a long , happy life with a healthy relationship with food!

  8. Sir i hear many people (including experts) saying cooking with extra virgin olive oil is HARMFUL and NOT safe, it clogs artery. If you can let me know how true it is please. Thanks

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