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My Diet While Training For An Ironman | FULL DAY OF EATING

My Diet While Training For An Ironman | FULL DAY OF EATING

My Diet While Training For An Ironman | FULL DAY OF EATING

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  1. 14:52 I catch myself all the time. If You spend any amount of time in the army you will develop a habit of cursing. Stay classy in certain settings men. With the boys let that shit out.

  2. I said fuck it, I'm starting my training for an Ironman with no marathon experience. Lol let's get it.

  3. great video..again….good to see you dant take your salt intake too seriously. ..how else could you possibly make brussel sprouts tasty..nice

  4. Been watching his channel for a week now and I’m hooked. He gives a lot of info(sometimes unnecessary) but love the drive he has.

  5. these full day of eating shit r the most irrelevant videos on internet where people just blindly want to know about diet plan

  6. I admire the fact that you have a beautiful bulky physique and you do both bodybuilding and Ironman training but i
    I want to point out this…
    You are/were thinking like a bodybuilder.
    Nutrition is not Proteins Carbs Fats.
    In the endurance world is more like Carbs Carbs Fats protein if you insist on looking it that way!
    You want to refuel your muscles glycogen storage properly after training, and eat adequate amount of proteins, nothing a well balanced diet cannot provide (no need for 200g of protein a day). You need to obtain plenty vitamins,minerals and ANTIOXIDANTS and get a hood amount of healthy fats (Just like the avocado you ate)
    Also eating plenty of meat isn't the best idea longterm, even short term meat consumption is shown to harm cardiovascular activity by causing inflammation in the arteries.

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