Weight Loss Meal Plan

My Pescatarian Diet Meal Prep| Week 1

My Pescatarian Diet Meal Prep| Week 1

My Pescatarian Diet Meal Prep| Week 1

Hi! I am very new to being a Pescatarian! In this video I will be showing you what I meal prepped for myself for a 5 day work week!

Salmon Recipe


Veggie Egg Muffins: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a25563943/egg-muffins-recipe/

I also plan to drink 1 gallon and a half of water each day.

Water bottle can be purchased here:

Compartment Meal Prep Containers can be purchased here:

SnapWare Containers can be purchased here:

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I am new to this and open to any suggestions! Thanks for watching!

Video for Pescatarian Weight Loss Meal Plan
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  1. I'm a pescatarian but I do intermittent fasting. So I eat one main meal a day and snack my fruits or nuts within my feeding period. To help with my weight loss as well.

  2. Carbs don make people fat, it's the fats mostly in dairy and meat and chicken. I followed a whole food plant based diet for a year now but I incorporated seafood and eggs back because of the mind fog I felt lately. I cut out dairy because I suffered from acne all my life now it's gone, I don eat any oils or refined sugar or processed foods or gluten products. It's how food make us feel differently so I adjusted a diet that suits me perfectly now.

  3. Starting this journey myself so thank you so much for the video! I think everything looks amazing and definitely high in protein!

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