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NutriBullet Weight Loss Recipe: Go-To Breakfast

NutriBullet Weight Loss Recipe: Go-To Breakfast

NutriBullet Weight Loss Recipe: Go-To Breakfast


#NutriBullet Dietitian Sarah Lefkowitz shows us how to make our Go-To Breakfast #Smoothie! It’s great for weight loss and keeping you full. For more information about NutriBullet and our products, please visit: https://www.nutribullet.com/shop

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  2. Sarah Lefkowitz radiant beautiful charming…do we have to thank Nutribullet for that…thanks for the recipe

  3. hey all, of the many fat loss programs that I have ever been on, the only program that made a difference for me was Adams fat code (you can find it on google). Hands down the most amazing program that helped me get back on

  4. how do you get hemp seeds? are they illegal to buy for eating in wv since the hemp plant is in the same category as the marijuana plant?

  5. I read many good reviews on the net about how Fenoboci Diet Plan (search on google) can help you lost a lot of weight. Has anyone tried using this popular fat loss system?

  6. +NutriBullet +Sarah Lefkowitz

    Hi, I recently bought a nutribullet and my friend sent me this article that claims smoothies are bad for your health:


    It claims:

    "2. Smoothies
    First, I would like to preemptively apologize to all of those who bought an expensive blender at the beginning of the year in hopes of routinely drinking smoothies and becoming healthier. When you whack fruit around a blender or Nutri Bullet, the seeds open up and start a fermentation process. It sounds like a good thing, but it’s actually not. Because the process of fermentation begins in your cup instead of in your body, you end up absorbing up to 80% more of the nutrients (sugar). Honestly, smoothies are better suited to people who need to gain weight in a short amount of time. You know, people who are on feeding tubes. There is absolutely no reason to blend produce, unless you’re trying to mix it into a cake or actually want to decrease its nutritional value."

  7. Not only does this taste great, but I did notice a decrease in my appetite. I love drinking coffee and tea anyways and this has helped me to keep on my weight loss routine. I would suggest Weight loss green store tea to all tea drinkers or anyone trying to slow down their food intake.

  8. Hello Sarah,
    Thank u for the recipe, could u pls clarify what do u mean by 1 scoop of fat burning boost and protein powder. Do u mean 1 tbsp or 1 teaspoon?

  9. just bought a nutribullet. How do you know you are adding 50% veg to 50%? Is this measured by weight or volume???

  10. Yes, I too am guilty of jumping from weight loss plan to others as well, I think that I must have tested every fat reduction system that was available, however in the end not one of them made it easier for me to lose and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Fenoboci Diet Plan mainly because my cousin who told me incredible things about it and so far to date I have effectively lost 17 pounds within 4 weeks!

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