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PCOS Weight Loss Grocery Haul | WHAT I EAT + Gluten & Dairy Free

PCOS Weight Loss Grocery Haul | WHAT I EAT + Gluten & Dairy Free

PCOS Weight Loss Grocery Haul | WHAT I EAT + Gluten & Dairy Free

HI Cysters! In this video, I reveal my latest grocery haul for PCOS weight loss including my favorite foods that are gluten & dairy free!

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  1. This video was great, wrote down a few things, can't do the chicken thighs, they are dry to me, an I hate cooking them. I can keep chicken breast moist an tastey.

  2. Do you worry about the mercury levels in the fish/tuna? I don't one of be "one of those people," but I've been doing research to try to find the cause of my extreme fatigue, hair loss, stomach issues, etc. (Like a lot worse than normal) & I'm starting to think I may have heavy metal toxicity 😬

  3. I do not know what would've become of me if not the help of DR RORPOPOR HERBAL medications . I almost killed myself despite all the medications I got from different doctors no one could work , but I thank GOD almighty who directed me to DR RORPOPOR on youtube channel and today am proud to be PCOS negative without any side effects . You can reach him on you tube channel💞

  4. Well this is helpful for most but I’m addicted to dairy and carbs and sugar I’m an extremely picky eater as well so I’m not really sure if I could tolerate or even stomach that kind of food my sweet tooth is wats gotten me in my pcos predicament In the first place HELP!

  5. I know that some of the stuff you listed are plant based which is great! Do you recommend substitute meat products?

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