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Picky Eating Isn't About the Food | Katie Kimball | TEDxHartford

Picky Eating Isn't About the Food | Katie Kimball | TEDxHartford

Picky Eating Isn't About the Food  | Katie Kimball | TEDxHartford

“What if my child never eats a vegetable in their entire life?!?” If a child doesn’t eat well, parental worry is daily and intense. How would parents’ lives (and dinner tables) change if they had strategies to combat picky eating that had nothing to do with food? 5 big ideas for parents to troubleshoot root causes and help their children eat better, plus a practical 3-step process that has decreased mealtime stress for thousands of families. Parents, what if we taught you a way to get your picky eaters, to eat? The secret is…putting them in charge. Interesting, huh? Kimball is a cooking teacher who says the earlier kids master good eating habits, the better their lives will be in all aspects. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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  1. I was Never a picky eater, but my brother and sister were. Interesting..My brother had a cleft palate. Could have been the problem. My sister, no idea why she was picky??

  2. U said there's no such thing as a picky eater. I beg to differ. I used to have a newborn that wouldn't eat anything but formula. Picky. Only 1 food. I tried to give her a rotisserie chicken. I'm pretty sure it was about the food. Plus I even tried cooking ribs with her. She was just mad about the bbq sauce all over her.

  3. You put words to something I have been experiencing for my entire life. I thought I was the only one who was a “picky eater” not for sensory reasons but because of the pressure. My diet has always been and continues to be one of my greatest shames. This video makes me feel less like a pathetic baby for being 24 years old and able to count the number of new foods I’ve tried in the last ten years on one hand.

  4. What if they literally only want junk and sugary things? My oldest will only eat the most unhealthy things, won't even try anything else. No fruits or vegetables, no healthy proteins or fats. All she eats is pizza, chicken nuggets, chips, little Debbie's. But she even gets sick of junk food and then I'm at a complete loss. When I ask what I can get her, her only suggestions are candy. My husband and I eat a protein-based whole foods diet, my 2 little ones eat the same, but they get treats too. My 8 year old will only eat treats all day.

  5. I had trouble introducing new foods as a kid. No matter how much my mom tried, I couldn’t get myself to eat it. Then when I was 8, all the foods I was eating, I suddenly became allergic to and the foods I ate became even smaller. Im also allergic to foods such as bananas, seafood , and nuts which seem to be in every food that doesn’t have meat which i also dont eat. A few months ago I realized that I may have autism and that a common symptom is picky eating. And I realized that my problem is texture. I can love a taste but the texture will make me throw it up. For instance when I was 10 my friend made me try mashed potatoes and I loved the taste, but the texture was torture. I ate for a few months but after a while stopped eating it because the texture was just unbearable for me

  6. Would like to add amother p.presentation.the same cucumbers tomato peppers & carrots that are presented as a smiley face or whatever usually goes faster!

  7. this woman should be in theatre if she isn't already. that absolutely isn't the point, but she's seriously good with her inflection and animation. she rlly feels like she's about to break into song in every other sentence lmao

  8. I was a peaky eater and at some point I realized I don't eat mostly what I can't eat due to IBS but that was just my theory before this video

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