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RAMADAN DIET PLAN | Ramadan Series | Ramsha Sultan

RAMADAN DIET PLAN | Ramadan Series | Ramsha Sultan

RAMADAN DIET PLAN | Ramadan Series | Ramsha Sultan

This video tells a Diet Plan for Ramadan. This Ramadan Diet Plan will help you maintain your existing weight and also help you to Loose Weight in Ramadan.
If you eat healthy and follow this Ramadan Diet, you can easily loose weight fast. I give you what to eat in Suhoor / Sehri and What to eat in Iftar and dinner.
This Ramadan , let’s do Fat Loss as well as Sin Loss !
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Video for Ramadan Weight Loss Meal Plan
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  1. Dear you said that we should not take tea in sehri but when i dont take tea so i have alot of pain in my head means headache whole day i m not able to bear it in roza please tell me that can i take tea 😥😥😥 other wise my whole day becomes painfull😣

  2. Sister I want to ask a question "Why you add music in your background?" Because according to most of the Muslim scholars it is not permissible in Islam.

  3. Everywhere I see healthy meal plans to lose weight on ramadan but I just wanna maintain my weight by eating healthy

  4. Didi English mein banaa Lo ya Hindi mein koi video English hoti hai koi video Hindi yah kya baat hui ?

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