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The Ideal Human Diet – Jilllan Michaels

The Ideal Human Diet – Jilllan Michaels

The Ideal Human Diet – Jilllan Michaels

The best science based diet for overall health, fat loss / losing weight, and stabilizing blood sugar.
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  1. I have seen vegan or keto for healing cancer but I have also seen vegan degeneration and accelerated aging. Keto is also extreme. I focus on quality. So I like plant based but I eat meat every few days. I like ghee, earth balance, avocado oil. I like plant based options but also grass fed dairy or easy digesting.

  2. I lift weights 6 days a week & don’t eat meat. This is darn hard (to finish a good wo & gain mass). Julian, I love you! Oh my god I listen to ur teachings. I changed my diet a tad. In a week my abs popped right back! I used to have 6 packs. Now, it came back just a tweak of my diet. I feel amazing!!!! I still don’t eat meat but now I consume alternative clean proteins throughout the day. I feel trem stronger & I lift so much better 👍😀 You’re AMAZING 🤩

  3. Thanks Jillian. I have to wonder what the life of à troll is like for them just to show up to punch the dislike buttons. But that come with the territory I gués.
    Anyway- sage advice. I fill Off the healthy diet bandwagon which was a regimen that you described here. The absolute BEST time of my life. Coupled with moderate exercise for just under à half hour several times à week, and drinking as much water as I could stand, my energy level went THRU THE ROOF! I never felt so clean. So pure. So positive. The thought of pulling up to à fast food joint made nauseous. Listening to how you broke this down So simply
    gave me the motivation to get back on that regimen. The beauty of it, is that it didn't feel like a regimen.
    Thanks Jillian!

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