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The Low FODMAP Diet Update 2022

The Low FODMAP Diet Update 2022

The Low FODMAP Diet Update 2022

A dietetic consultation for the Low FODMAP diet should be around 1 hour and this video will supply you with exactly 60 minutes of the most up-to-date and detailed information from a specialist team of award winning NHS dietitians. You can feel secure in the knowledge you will be obtaining accurate and reliable information on this complex diet.

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  1. I just can’t get over the fact that they throw in gluten under the same umbrella, and that this is ignored. It is a huge factor, and the only one proven it can damage the intestines, whether gluten sensitive or celiac. I think the problem is gluten actually feels good, vs other stuff causing gas but being harmless.

    19:33 not so (and let’s not forget 30-40% of population has the gene predisposing to celiac, and the rest may still be sensitive)

    Gluten alters bowel barrier functions in patients with IBS-D, particularly in HLA-DQ2/8–positive patients. These findings reveal a reversible mechanism for the disorder


    Controlled Trial of Gluten-Free Diet in Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Diarrhea: Effects on Bowel Frequency and Intestinal Function, 2013

    25:53 have to gripe about excluding garlic. This is such an essential vegetable with so many benefits that to exclude it makes me wonder how artificial the fodmap diet is

    Also in theory meat would be the best food for fodmap because has none of the sugars. Yet you recommend lots of fruit, vegetable and even dairy. Sounds more like an excuse for a whole foods based low iron Mediterranean diet without garlic and most importantly effectively gluten free diet.

    That reintroduction paradigm effectively further finetunes this into a Mediterranean diet plus limiting gluten (whereas if you are sensitive the absolute best would be eliminating it)

  2. Haven't Monash significantly reduced recommended safe levels for strawberries, grapes and tomatoes recently after doing a retest? I'm pretty sure they are not safe to eat freely any more.

  3. a comment , since no one can certify if you have ibs just ibs symptoms, i can eat potatoes , carrots , eggs ….can't find gluten free bread , so i use sourdough
    i'm not about to cook a special diet , it has to be available at the store.

    gluten free not supported much at all by the grocery

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  5. Thanks a millions, You are the only one explained a proper fodmap diet, I think they deserve to be appreciated… Greatfull for this

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