Weight Loss Meal Plan

The Paleo Diet Explained

The Paleo Diet Explained

The Paleo Diet Explained

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Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, cofounders of Whole30, and Dr. Oz discuss common misconceptions about the Paleo diet.

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  1. If you ask me, the keto diet is not for most people. It is just really tough to adhere to and you feel exhausted. But the Agoge diet on the other hand feels great, and it works too.

  2. Easy diet tip eat everything that's grown from our earth. Veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and eat them all organic. Organic means no harmful pesticides or chemicals used to speed up growing, no GMO. So if it grows from a tree or in the earth its good for you. Then incorporate your meats. All organic, grass fed, free range animals. They are not pumped full of antibiotics and cheap grains and chemicals to ofcourse cause them to grow faster than they should. Stay away from preservatives, buy all your beans fresh, try to stay away from can foods they contain lots of sodium. Stay away from processed sugar. Have a natural sugar like organic monk fruit or organic stevia with organic erythritol. Organic erythritol is important because its natural and from fermented corn. It its not organic your getting man made erythritol which is not good. Oil's, only have good quality organic olive oil or avacado oil. Healthy fats are important. Just remember eat stuff God put on this earth to nourish our bodies. We have everything we need to keep us healthy. Good luck!

  3. That plate look nasty. I’m doing paleo , but I make huge salads twice a day with many different colorful veggies , and proteins and have a nice big fruit or green smoothie in the A.m …No limit to variety , and I’m always full.

  4. I truly understand that research of what most of our bodies will absorb that contributes to better health in the long term is an almost never ending search. This is a 2 year old video now and in that time new discoveries of true wellness is being revealed to those who even want to find the truth. The authors on this show I believe are well meaning but may just have fallen short of a long term solution that actually has us on no prescription drugs and narrowed down to yearly physicals if desired. Case in point, further search ought to be placed on cooking with olive oil, eating nuts and seeds, butternut squash, kale, soybeans, white beans, okra, carrots, yams, these and other mostly vegetables contain high levels of oxalates, look it up and you may be yet getting closer to wellness at a ripe old age. The first speaker from the audience bless her heart mentions starting out with almonds and other foods which you will find is one of the highest in oxalic acid that reeks major damage in the bloodstream but won't necessarily reveal it until compounded with other high oxalates foods, until way later. Everyone is well meaning and so why not continue to do our homework on what our systems can handle which may vary a little from person to person so listen to you body and brain but try and stay ahead of the game by following videos of Sally Norton, Elliott Overton and Susan Owens and see for yourself, peace and God bless.

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