Weight Loss Meal Plan

The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss by Chef AJ

The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss by Chef AJ

The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss by Chef AJ

In this free online presentation, plant-based chef and weight-loss expert Chef AJ dishes out essential tips and strategies for losing weight while eating more.


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  1. Changed my life. I will never eat the same ever again. "Unless you physically trip and your face lands in a box weightlose.fitness of donuts, there is no such thing as a 'slip'." Get that mind set and you'll win again and again.

  2. Thank you for this very interesting video, but please slow down clicking through the before and after photos. You aren’t giving us time to properly look at them.

  3. Your chanel is new to me. I am aware of Dr.McDoogle!
    I have lost 90 lbs on his way of eating but I still have 40 lbs and that has
    Been harder.
    I don't like the way you are doing your screen!!! And A.J. sounded like she Was sniffling? No Hanky.

  4. These 2 look so sickly though! They sound extremely smart and energetic but their skin and hair look malnourished. To me.

  5. How come I haven’t found you years ago. How long I asked, how do I eat, what do I eat, why can’t I lose weight..😣Thank you for this light. I’m going to get your book if you have one. If you don’t have one write one. Thank you God bless you

  6. I have a bad tooth so I eat soups I can’t afford to get it fixed the pain I’m in daily is slowly killing me I’ll be honest I don’t want to wake up

  7. This is the video that started my whole-food, plant based diet in March 2021. I forwarded this link to many people and promote your ideas to anyone that will listen! Thank you for helping me understand these concepts and the visuals are the greatest help!

  8. What about eating 2 shredded wheat biscuits With unsweetened plant milk is higher danced calorie food since it’s a cereal?

  9. All blue zones drink 🥤 alcohol . Red wine . And tequila Mexico 🇲🇽 . . I want to make their hand crushed tortillas . Their all hand made .

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