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The shocking transformation of the UK household diet since 1980 πŸ˜²πŸ” BBC

The shocking transformation of the UK household diet since 1980 πŸ˜²πŸ” BBC

The shocking transformation of the UK household diet since 1980 πŸ˜²πŸ” BBC

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  1. I'm 15 stone and 12% body fat im in quite good shape for a 50 year old before covid 19 i was 18 stone and thought that's it im losing weight, I thought this Will be hard its so easy all you do is eat unprocessed food and move about EXERCISE even build your walking up every week
    enyone can do it if you really want to

  2. Misleading optics and percentages that did not add up to 100% and the basics did not show the amount of oil, flour, meat, etc., or alcohol purchased. Common sense = you are what you eat. I never go out to eat other than fish and chips on family birthdays and do not eat meat and I cook everything from scratch, baking, too. I am overweight but not by much and not from store-bought snacks. Too many carbs in any form add weight, even healthy carbs.

  3. Yeah, I'm pretty convinced ultra-process food triggers binge-eating and overeating in general, because as he said in the other video where he punished himself with that food for a month, that food is hyper-palatable. When I cut it all out (because doc said I had to cut out bread, flour, gluten) I also cut sugar down to almost nothing (because I don't need much sugar, and now no treats like licorice.) Well, I dropped a size the first month and the fat just disappeared. And the book Salt, Sugar, Fat will explain to you all the parameters and many of the tricks of hyper-palatable "addictive" food.

  4. Driven by the crap sold in supermarkets. Experts ? think that the people drive the food market. They don't. It's a myth spread by the profit hungry corporations. The people buy that which is on the shelves

  5. I always find the term β€œprocessed foods” a bit too vague as some people will include things like pasta and sourdough as processed (which they are) but these foods are healthy when eaten in moderate amounts. Also consider things like plant milks and hummus – processed yes, but can be made from simple ingredients you’d use at home. Not everything processed is bad.

  6. As a single parent in the late 80s money was tight but we ate well ,I enjoyed cooking and making homemade pie's etc, but we ate a lot of vegetarian meals too. I was born in 1954 and our meals were simple but home cooked with fish and chips sometimes on a Friday, I remember ready meals starting to come in in the late 60s,fish fingers vesta curries and the Wimpy burger bar opening. So much ready food and rubbish now and our bodies aren't meant to have the additives and chemicals in food, it messes with your immune system.

  7. I'm away from home 11+ hours a day. There isn't a single convenience food in my fridge/freezer. People who claim they don't have time to cook a meal are either lying or they're lazy. Also, it doesn't take a huge amount of time to throw together a decent plate of food.

  8. It is the misinformation on saturated fats and red meat that is driving the process due to the alternative use of highlly inflammatory omega 6 shortening made from hydrogenated oilseeds like soya and corn oils combined with insulin reistance inducing high corn fructose syrups that are ubiquitous in processed foods. This is well proven science with the metabilic pathways well established showing these foods act via adverse effects on the gut microbiota and via epigenetics in downregulating beneficial genes and upregulating those in the immune system that promote the inflammatory cytokines that have been the main cause of death from Covid -19. It is no accident that countries withy teh highest consumption of processed goods have had the highest case and death rates.

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