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These 3 Things Are Proven To Help Menopause | Dr. Neal Barnard

These 3 Things Are Proven To Help Menopause | Dr. Neal Barnard

These 3 Things Are Proven To Help Menopause | Dr. Neal Barnard

Learn the three changes that can help alleviate the symptoms of menopause!

By changing the way you eat, it is possible that uncomfortable hot flashes will be reduced dramatically or possibly go completely altogether! These tips led to an 84% reduction in severe hot flashes in a study.

Dr. Neal Barnard shares the three changes women can make to their diet that can offer relief! This is part 3 of a special 3-part menopause series on The Exam Podcast™ Podcast with “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll.

Part 1 – Relief for Hot Flashes

Part 2 – Is Soy Health? Here’s The Truth

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  1. This is so interesting .Can someone tell me what to do with Ferum though ,as it is already really low in my blood.should it be ok just with supplements??

  2. I’ve been whole food plant based for a year and low oil (low or no nut butters, mostly raw), still experiencing menopausal symptoms. Plant based helps but doesn’t address the changes in hormone levels. Sometimes we feel like we’re not doing plant based right because it doesn’t solve all our problems. It helps but it’s not a panacea.

  3. I can't eat soy because it sets my uterine fibroid off really bad. Is there an alternative. ATM I'm eating eggs & cheese because I can't have soy. They don't affect my fibroids. I have chronic fatigue from guillain barre syndrome now menopause I've been hit harder with fatigue and sweating which is uncontrollable. My neurologist went mad at me for being plantbased but I made a good recovery on it but he said I must adhere to omnivore diet but because I stick to plant based as much as I can he refuses to see me. Ended up with fear of nerve damage because of him and I can't have soy. They won't take fibroid out because I'm 54 past child bareing they said hysterectomy which I don't want! The Dr's really messed with my head. Want to be vegan

  4. Ok so, let's say i have no oils, no vegan processed foods( aside tofu and tempeh) , no nuts, no avocado. BUT i do have organic soy, flax and chia seeds. Am i okay? I can't take away all fats. Please someone answer me, thank you!

  5. I'm vegan and have 2 friends also in menopause who are vegan and none of us have hot flashes. We wondered if it was the soy. But to be honest I only eat tofu and that's occasionally.

  6. I am lucky in that here in my country soy products like tempeh, tofu and soy milk are easily available and consumed daily by most people (as opposed to the more expensive meat or chicken)

  7. Thanks to both of you, bcoz thats exsactly my problem since 2 yrs ago, my montlhy period is gone , and i experience many sleepless nigths , so hard to get a nice sleep , and i will try to eat eda mame or soybean as often as i can to solve my problems.

  8. That’s a high carb high insulin producing diet that will increase belly fat hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance!

  9. Insomnia! Anyone who has any help regarding insomnia, please tell me. I sleep three to four hours a nite and I’m constantly exhausted.

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