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TRIATHLON Training for WEIGHT LOSS Pt. 4: Best Fat Burning Food Choices

TRIATHLON Training for WEIGHT LOSS Pt. 4: Best Fat Burning Food Choices

TRIATHLON Training for WEIGHT LOSS Pt. 4: Best Fat Burning Food Choices

These food choices will help triathletes lose weight and burn fat during their triathlon training program. See entire triathlon weight loss series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QuVRHvHd34&list=PL_mMJdHlxQ3vrXhP97-WI_Kl76oYuSk4F Triathlon Taren discusses a triathlon training diet that will help triathletes lose weight in a healthy manner.

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  1. I dropped 30 lbs using Keto and HIIT. Looking forward to going over your framework to see if it will help me fine tune what I'm already doing. I'm still sitting at around 3 bills, so you can imagine where I was and how much further there still is to go. Thanks for going here with content.

  2. i like cutting to the alternative camera angle although maybe it’s too high? seems a bit off? just my two cents.

  3. My problem is actually the opposite. I am losing too much weight too fast for the training period I am currently in …I actually reached an average weight I never reached ever before. This is even with the fact I am eating one tablet of chocolate and 2 scoops of protein  every day ! My metabolism has just changed by training every day for the last 4 years.

  4. Very good series, but unfortunately I cannot apply this info to me. As a 1.70 m / 60 kg male, I am on the thin side. Any thoughts about doing a "training for healthy weight gain"? 😀 (going to McDonalds, KFC and the likes not included)

    I love the new video intro also. Your content is getting better and better.

  5. Great Series, raced at 84kg last year, this year may be racing at 81.5kg , good tips along with the rest of my regime. Thx !!!

  6. Greetings from Oman.Great series!  Its good to hear someone actively promoting a "healthy life style" approach to weight loss that can be both satisfying and sustainable in the long run.  If you ever have time, I would suggest a similar series on how a "life-style" approach can prevent, delay or, as in my case, reverse some chronic health conditions, especially as you grow older.    Kudos on the recent changes you have been making in your format and presentations.  Although a 60 year old tri-training newbie, it appears to me you are getting a lot more (and well deserved) attention from the community.   I really appreciate your effort, energy and hard work.

  7. Love this series. You speak the language of the common man / weekend athlete. How can you make all this GREAT info free to us? How can we help to keep you on the air?

  8. Hi taren
    I also had a great weight story that began 5 years ago
    I weighed 307 lbs, at least that was the last number that I saw on the scale.
    I started running on the treadmill and got board of looking at myself in the mirror and that’s where my new life began, I hit the streets running, from stop sign to stop sign on a 500m loop
    The weight began to shed and now after 5 years and a complete life change I lost 130+lbs to now hold a weight of 177 lbs and still looking to lose more, about 20-30 lbs so I can get faster
    I’ve also been able to train my dog a female American bulldog to become an elite 5 km racer and endurance dog.
    I only have one problem now and that’s telling my partner that I want to not only train using the 3 disciplines for my running but to actually train and attend triathlon

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