Weight Loss Meal Plan

Weight loss Meal Prep | My Healthy Weight Loss Meal Prep| Nazkitchenfun

Weight loss Meal Prep | My Healthy Weight Loss Meal Prep| Nazkitchenfun

Weight loss Meal Prep | My Healthy Weight Loss Meal Prep| Nazkitchenfun

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HOW TO MEAL PREP This is a basic, and DELICIOUS, meal prep. Meal prepping saves you time, money, and definitely helps you stay on top of your fitness and health goals. I love preparing these meals once a week! It keeps me from eating junk food around the kitchen, and i know exactly what and how much i am eating!! Please let me know your thoughts on the video and good luck on your weight loss journey

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Ingredients for Chicken:

Ingredients for Fish:

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  1. Friends one meal consumed in this video was 365 calories! not including the smoothie
    I have a light breakfast, then a nutrition bar/ protein bar for lunch and then around 5pm i eat this for dinner, I have never felt so good in my entire life! I also consume lots and lots of water and green tea throughout the day! If you guys would like for me to share more, then leave me a comment down below xx

  2. Hi, I have just come across your channel, but you have no measurements listed. So how much masala do you use??

  3. MashaAllah sister I really enjoyed watching your video. As a working mom of 6 kidos. I lost myself in the middle. Thank you for your inspiration JazakiAllah kheir.

  4. Wont salad leaves water if we use later? By the way very impresses by your meal preparations bravoโœ‹๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. love the diet videos as am on stricked diet nw ! please can you tell me does the meals stay fresh like how many days? I worry that they won't be fresh enough fr all week! thank you continue to make them inshallah xxx

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