Weight Loss Meal Plan

Weight Watchers | Weekly Menu/Meal Plan for Weight Watchers!

Weight Watchers | Weekly Menu/Meal Plan for Weight Watchers!

Weight Watchers | Weekly Menu/Meal Plan for Weight Watchers!

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  1. Question for your 5000 subscribers Q&A. Have you always done a weekly menu plan or did you start when you joined WW<<~~~sandy

  2. I'm going to try baking butternut squash for the first time. It's finally chilly enough to use our oven (in Alabama)!

  3. Joan, last week we made an Instant Pot Meatball Soup recipe & I neglected to jot down who the author of the recipe was. I looked at your recipes & couldn't find it on your list. Does that sound like one of your recipes? Whoever it's from, I want to let them know, it was fabulous!!! We all loved it!!! It made quite a few servings so we split it up with enough for a dinner or lunch for the 3 of us. Your menu looks great & we are really enjoying trying your recipes!! Are you doing anything special with your little ones? I remember when my kids were going & just old enough to understand what Halloween was all about. It was so much fun! Have a good weelend!

  4. Hi Joan! I made your orange cranberry muffins today but put the batter in a 1/4 sheet pan. I loved them! I threw in a few walnuts too. Thanks! Great recipe!

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