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WHAT I DID TO LOSE WEIGHT PLANT-BASED // Simple Healthy Vegan Weight Loss // Plant-Based Weight Loss

WHAT I DID TO LOSE WEIGHT PLANT-BASED // Simple Healthy Vegan Weight Loss // Plant-Based Weight Loss

WHAT I DID TO LOSE WEIGHT PLANT-BASED // Simple Healthy Vegan Weight Loss // Plant-Based Weight Loss

After switching to a plant-based diet, I lost 68 pounds (30.8 kg) in the first 6 months! I weighed less than I did in high school, was feeling healthier, and had tons of energy! Find out what I did to lose weight on a plant-based diet, and tips for simple healthy vegan weight loss based on my experience and what worked for me. If it’s not simple and healthy, weight loss isn’t likely to be enjoyable or sustainable, so I focused on my health and had simple healthy weight loss as my secondary goal. I didn’t count calories, track macros, or weigh or measure my food. Find out what I ate to lose weight, and other tips for how to lose weight and keep it off for good! As always, DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU to have healthy, happy, sustainable weight loss! 🌱 ❤️


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  1. Hello. Just started my vegan journey on day 11. Wfpb oil free which is the biggest challenge. I haven't lost much weight so happy to have found your channel and hope to find help on my journey.

  2. Hey! I was looking for some inspiration on the WFBP way of eating. You're approach and expression of your journey is so inspiring, thank you! I'm gonna check out the books you recommended and go deeper into the WFPB diet. My biggest snag is that I still have the WheatBelly diet (KETO) in my mind, since I lost about 15 lbs, a few years ago on it. So, after choosing the WFPB way over a year ago, I was hungry a lot and added the fats back in, then the eggs, etc, and down the slippery slope I went! My weight loss was minimal like 5 lbs.

    I'm looking forward to making changes like you stated, and not being so hard on myself when I can't follow the method to the "T". It truly is a time of getting to 'know thyself'. Thank you for your hard work and sharing your heart. I hear ya, and think you're doing great!

  3. Can I make tasty healthy meals without a kitchen or heating tools? I'm not allowed to cook in my apt and cannot have a burner. What can I do to make meals that aren't raw veggies?

  4. I think the Nutritarian aproach works due to calorie restriction. I lost 14 lbs in the first month on the starch solution, then stalled. I tried for another month without success. I just started the Eat To Live book foods and I'm losing weight again. Definitely not going to be able to do it more than several months because it's a little more expensive. Once I've lost all the weight (70 lbs +) I'll begin to add more starch in my diet.

  5. I'm ready to make the switch, yet I am not certain where to begin. I am a long time conivore, yet I like my meat cooked. 🍖Most vegetarian diets or bland and not enjoyable. However, I need to switch my diet, reduce weight and my lower blood pressure (normal for me is 160/89). Where and how do I start?

  6. Were you breastfeeding by chance when you lost the weight? You mentioned that you were 4 months post partum when you made the switch and I am 4 months post partum right now and wanting to lose some weight. I’m 163 pounds and wanting to get down to about 115 because I’m 5 ft 4 and I remember being very comfortable in my body when I was 115. Anyways, sometimes I worry losing weight won’t be possible or more difficult because I’m breastfeeding but I don’t want to stop.

  7. Hi, I would like to suggest the book- UNPROCESSED, by Chef AJ. It is another great source of information!

  8. This was very relatable💓 I kinda have my hands in all the pots I recently have started my plant based journey and also didn’t want to put myself in a box i eat 3 meals similarly to yours I have noticed making vegan meals fit into my favorite meals but healthier has made me feel less nervous about eating Whole Foods/plants based diet

  9. Starting week 2. No weight loss yet but im feeling better mentally. Not sure why I'm not losing 😩

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