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What I Eat & Answering Your Questions on Medi-Weightloss Day 179

What I Eat & Answering Your Questions on Medi-Weightloss Day 179

What I Eat & Answering Your Questions on Medi-Weightloss Day 179

Hi guys! Today I am just answering some questions from an email that Maya (A viewer) had emailed me some questions about the program. Janice Hart actually gave me the inspiration to make this video! Thank you Janice! 🙂

I talk about my basic meal prep and what I ate when I could only eat 500 protein calories. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks.

You are not alone in this! Your clinic will be there every step of the way! Set a goal and reach them and you will succeed in anything you do in life! Love yourself enough to want to do it! 🙂

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DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor, nurse or dietitian! I only speak from my own experiences and weight loss. All weight loss will vary and may not be for every one.

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  1. Hi Kim did you cheat at all in your first week. I just started this week which isn't actually my first week it's my 2nd week long story short i got got sick on my first week and messed up badly they just told me to do a redo. So i have been doing perfect until yesterday. I had lots of running around with the kids and a walked with all my snacks and was planning to be home by dinner but i stopped by my mom's and had some rice. Anyway I got on her scale cuz my daughter told me i look smaller and I gained a pound and was depressed because I've beeen working so hard not to cheat and say no and do my meds so i just ate the damn rice. This morning though i check my keto stick for the first time and im in ketosis…YAY

  2. Hi Km…. thanks for all the answers and tips…. I'll remember those…. Please keep going and reach your goal. You'l make me/ the others to reach their goals too…. 🙂

  3. Hello girl,
    my daughter just started today. She is so excited. On the 500 calories with appetite suppresent. So far so good! Good luck to you.

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