Weight Loss Meal Plan

what I eat in a day for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, WEIGHT LOSS 🌱 + GLOWING SKIN ✨vegan, plant-based diet

what I eat in a day for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, WEIGHT LOSS 🌱 + GLOWING SKIN ✨vegan, plant-based diet

what I eat in a day for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, WEIGHT LOSS 🌱 + GLOWING  SKIN ✨vegan, plant-based diet

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Today I am sharing with you another what I eat in a day as a vegan, eating a whole food plant-based diet that is centered around starch and naturally low in fat. I could effortlessly drop 50 lbs of unhealthy weight – eating more food and weighing less! Eating this way allows me to stay healthy and at optimal body weight. It also helps contribute to my glowing skin along with using my favorite skin products, @oseamalibu

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Breakfast – Blue Berry Oatmeal

Rolled oats – however much is good for you
1/2 ripe banana smooshed
1-2c milk depending on how much oats you use
1 tbsp chia seeds
frozen blueberries

Lunch and Dinner – pretty straightforward – no recipe, I’m just throwing staple foods together that sound delicious. Make sure to watch the video to see how I do this. It’s how I usually create my easy, vegan, plant-based meals

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1. The information in this video is from my own personal experience, opinion, and knowledge of plant-based nutrition. I am not a doctor and this information is not intended to be a substitute for treatment by or advice from a medical professional. Always seek the advice of our physician or other qualified health care professional regarding your medical condition.
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  1. I love your videos. Your one of my favorite you tubers!!! What kind of sunglasses did you have on in this video???

  2. You've inspired me to purchase a pair of Earth Runners. I was just looking at their website. Is there a particular style that you recommend?

  3. Thanks to Dr Alaho Olu on YouTube who cured me and my wife from Herpes, he also have cure for HPV, FIBROID, CANCER, LUNGS DISEASE, COLDSORES..

  4. I made a big pot of your red beans and rice and my husband and I have been eating it and loving it for a few days now. It is so delicious.

  5. How do your dinners usually go? Do you make the same thing for your family and typically eat together or is it more like this? I'm struggling finding what to do for my family when I'm focusing on losing weight, but my kids need to gain.

  6. Love to walk couldn’t help but notice your adorable dog. Do you take him for walks. I take mine daily good for him as well.

  7. Your hair is stunning! I have frizzy, wavy/curly hair, how do you get your curls so full and vibrant? ❤

  8. Did you know that Tia means aunt in Spanish? Well, my grandchildren think you are our aunt when I talk about your recipes, so when I feed them healthy food they ask if my aunt’s idea 😜

  9. Well I'm 74 and GRATEFUL to be Vertical Ventilating and Ambulatory daily ! (Went vegan at 70-Now I'm outta obesity, off of insulin,cut Metformin ,lowered BP meds-I walk outside an hour+ a day) .Here's how I harmonize with the HEAT! I think to myself- "Hey, I get a Free Sauna with every walk! (plus a dose o' healthy Vit D) It's the Po' man's Health Spa! (Fits my lower SS funds level quite nicely thank you!)" …Gratitude to you for all you do and git yer sweat on …..AND OUT….with Joy! ….'cause to Enjoy means TO PUT JOY INTO! Git at it ! (and En-Joy!!!)😊🌈☯👩‍🦯

  10. I feel your pain with heat living in AZ. I like to walk early in the morning at 5:30am with the pups and friends. I easily get 2 miles in if not 3 🙂 give it a try.

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