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What I eat in a day in Japan!/ Japanese mom morning routine/ women in 30's/ healthy eating

What I eat in a day in Japan!/ Japanese mom morning routine/ women in 30's/ healthy eating

What I eat in a day in Japan!/ Japanese mom morning routine/ women in 30's/ healthy eating

What Japanese eat in a day? Japanese women seems very healthy! To answer this question, I as a Japanese mom will show you everything what I eat in a day including calories! I’ll show you my morning routine as well! BTW, I have two kids and living in Tokyo Japan!
Hope you will enjoy it!



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Avocado bowl


-Miso soup

-Chinese cabbage pickles

-Tomato pasta

-what I eat in a day!

-Japanese breakfast ultimate tutorial

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  1. Hello .my name is Eva am Polish but living in UK. In Poland peopple eat for breakfast bread with butter+ham+cheese +yogurt .lunch :potatos with meat and salad,dinner:bread with sausage ,ice creams ,cakes
    …..too much callories.I cant eat this way as am insullinresistant i cant eat flour,oats,sugar,fruits. Thats why i look for recipes from India,Pakistan,Africa ,Japain….i like to eat rice and vegetables,soups,coconuts,peanuts,eggs,….

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your life! I am half Japanese (mother) and have enjoyed Japanese food my whole life, I am now 65. I love how you include so many vegetables in your meals, your children are growing up strong and healthy! Wonderful how they so politely enjoy your crackers out of beautiful chawans. Your skin is so beautiful, could you share maybe your daily skincare routine in a vlog? I believe many of us viewers would love that! Arigato gozaimasu!

  3. The food you prepared looks delicious. I wish I could try it, but many items are not easily available, or way too expensive where I live in the United States.
    I am curious to know, how many milligrams of sodium the average person in Japan consumes in a day. I know soy sauce is high in sodium, but Japanese people are still healthy, while in the United States we are told to limit salt.

  4. What a sweet way to ask for comments. I love your video, especially all the vegan stuff 💛💛💛💛💛

  5. Just discovered your channel! Thank you for putting so much effort into your videos! What's the brand of your green tea? I love the color.

  6. I eat a strange diet and I need to stop. Its having a deleterious effect on my digestion. I think you have it right – heavier meal in the morning, lighter foods as the day progresses, and I'm going to try that for awhile. Your rice with the avocado looks wonderful and I'm going to make that tomorrow! Thank you for posting this video!

  7. nice video,,, I really admire how disciplined the Asian culture is. They know how to keep a balance in everything they do. i also follows planet ayurveda diet chart this helps me to live healthy.

  8. Hello miwa i m your new subs riber.can i get your wats up no.i m into deep meditation. From indian spiritual ashram .come to india to us

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