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What I eat in a day | Vegan HIGH Protein Meal Prep

What I eat in a day | Vegan HIGH Protein Meal Prep

What I eat in a day | Vegan HIGH Protein Meal Prep

The number one question I often get is “What do you eat as a vegan athlete?” so here is what I eat in a typical day only maintaining not really counting macros. So here is some healthy, protein packed meal prep I have in my rotation.

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  1. hi Nimai! i recomend you to do a video where you target 4000 kalories for bulk. and stuff like that

  2. Happy you shared this. We need more simple high-protein vegan recipe content! I also use a rice cooker and air fryer in tandem to cook meals and it’s good to bring the word out there more

  3. Great video, i love the advice. I just smashed that like and sub button lol. Im on my vegan journey again. How does amla powder taste? How much does it alter the taste of the shake?

  4. Love seeing vegan bodybuilders online, it just sucks how poorly they are treated by angry, misinformed people, for literally no reason. Hope to see more content from this channel, stay successful brother.

  5. Nimai I love to show you off to all my buddies who say, protein though
    And yes, they are impressed, especially my girl friends 😉
    Thanks for your awesome videos 👍
    Best wishes to you and your family and Happy New Year ✌️

  6. Not even vegan, but I’m trying to eat less meat possible (for healthy issues) that’s looks very simple and healthy, thank you very much for sharing.

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