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What is the best diet for humans? | Eran Segal | TEDxRuppin

What is the best diet for humans? | Eran Segal | TEDxRuppin

What is the best diet for humans? | Eran Segal | TEDxRuppin

Prof. Eran Segal presented conclusions from the research on the TEDxRuppin stage and made us question common dietary beliefs.

For additional information see http://genie.weizmann.ac.il

New research led by Prof. Eran Segals and Dr. Elinavs research unit indicates a drastic change in blood sugar levels between two individuals on identical diets – this may explain why some struggle to lose weight while others, on the same diet, stay lean and fit. The scientists even developed an algorithm that can calculate ones blood level based on his or her biology and lifestyle.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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  1. They're you go about involving artificial intelligence to predict that carbohydrates and sugar are unhealthy for humans.

  2. He didn't discuss people's responses to fruit and vegetables whether some they respond to it highly or not . Most informed people already knew rice, ice-cream are unhealthy.

  3. What he should have done instead of inventing the wheel again is to go visit a nature doctor with bio-resonance tools. They can tell him much better how the digestive track works and why people are responding to food the way they do…

    Why people don't know anyting about health is because of the money and power system. People in power prefer to built a healthy economy on an unhealthy society simply because it is easy;) Devide, confuse and rule!!

  4. A healthy keto diet with intermittent fasting will fix all health problems. You need the two together. See YouTube Dr. Sten Ekberg and Dr. Eric Berg.

  5. My body is not ok with more than one meal per day…though I love to have a second meal …I had to listen to my body…I m 42 yrs old but look not a day more than 25

  6. Find out what the very early humans would have eaten. That would be the real natural food of the humans. That would be uncooked vegetarian food fruits and roots like carrot etc.

  7. Humans are designed to eat plants.
    We have different tolerance levels for animal protein and refined junk food.
    Many of our health problems stem from inactivity.
    People in affluent countries are to lazy to be healthy regardless of diet.

  8. I have the technology to generate electricity from waves, looking forward to cooperation and dual tracking solarfram

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