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What to know about the popular 'carnivory' diet

What to know about the popular 'carnivory' diet

What to know about the popular 'carnivory' diet

Dr. Jennifer Ashton discusses what to know before trying the trendy new diet that consists of only eating meat, live on “GMA.”

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  1. Yes cavemen ate fruits but they were not the high sugar fruits that we have today and cavemen didn’t have access to fruits all year long. How much influence does big pharma and big ag has over what reported by the main stream media?

  2. She nailed it, biological changes and the fattest people humanity gas ever seen. Processes foods and other crap that gets thrown in "FDA approved". Grass feed meat has been a staple since hunting. I'm about to jump on the train to eat meat only as well.

  3. She's full of it — and it ain't meat. Fruits, veggies, grains, etc., are loaded with bear spray. No thank you.

  4. It’s always the case that when something works and makes sense it’s attacked. Plan and simple, run the studies, look for all +’s & -‘s, put in the research that has been done for all types of eating that are considered “Healthy”. After 5 or so yrs and all the medical findings 1 can muster, Publish it. Can that be done? Doubtfully. Why? Somewhere along the way that type of research will definitely hurt millions of ppl. Not the Diet itself just the research. All that information scored against any and all the companies and corporations that make their living off of anything Food related that doesn’t fall into a carnivore category will most likely do ALL that’s possible to keep information like that quite. If you follow her cues she fires shots at how out of touch and just and old way of thinking a diet like carnivore would be. There’s a simple reason why she does this. The medical community and government all around the world have known these things for decades and keep the info quite. Why? Just name 1. Long-term population control.

  5. Wow! The lady claiming to be a Dr made a lot of claims that have no evidence. She says “we know red meat is a carcinogen”. There is no study anywhere showing causality that red meat causes cancer. It’s based on a lie. Also many people do a carnivore diet for health reasons, only being able to fix their condition whatever it may have been by cutting out all but meat. Look up Dr Ken Berry or Dr Shawn Baker, both are carnivore and both have many videos on YouTube about the diet. This spot on GMA is misleading for anyone considering improving their life. Come on, lose weight by eating a cotton candy diet? Give me a break. By that it’s obvious she is not even listening to anything but her own arrogant opinion!

  6. This is risky and not compatible to the majority of population. I rather follow flat earth theory than follow carnivorous diet.

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