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Woman Says She Lost Over 120 Pounds On The ‘Keto’ Diet | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Woman Says She Lost Over 120 Pounds On The ‘Keto’ Diet | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Woman Says She Lost Over 120 Pounds On The ‘Keto’ Diet | Megyn Kelly TODAY

In contrast to intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet emphasizes fats over carbs and sugar. Megyn Kelly TODAY welcomes Suzanne Ryan, who says the lost over 120 pounds on the “keto” diet, along with TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer.

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Woman Says She Lost Over 120 Pounds On The ‘Keto’ Diet | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  1. Dr's don't make money if your healthy!!! Of course she's sceptical she's totally ignorant on nutrition.
    I suggest she listen to a few podcasts by Tom Bilyeu, Dr Jason Fong and Dr Berg she may be enlightened to find sugar and corn Syrup is the biggest contributor to obesity and diabetes.

  2. i ended up w severe acid reflux and throwing up my grains and legumes on a daily basis. it freaked me out to think that as a vegetarian with already limited food groups that i had to give up a major one but i had no choice, i simply couldnt digest them anymore. so im giving keto a go, bc i also gained a lot of weight. i think everyone is different and u have to figure out what makes U feel better bc if u went by the medical establishment or different diets, the only thing u could safely eat, would b ur plate. we are different races, different blood types, different genes etc, so its definitely not a one size fits all.

  3. This nutritionist should do her research before speaking.
    Nutritional ketosis is totally different from diabetic acidosis; the pendulum swings high with the latter.

  4. They needa stop with the saturated fat nonsense – & taxing on the liver ?? Oh please, that’s sugar and carbs that do that. And who cares about studies about whole grains being good for you when they’re not essential and you can get way more vitamins and nutrients from healthier foods?? Keto for the win! 🥇

  5. why all the experts concern about the keto diet when it is refine sugar and too much carb that lead us to obesity and other health issue. not enough study just means the not enough sponsor.

  6. As someone who has tried the so called “healthy diet” they don’t work for people with slow/resistant metabolism. Low carb is the only option for many people.

  7. I love Megan and I have her book and I love keto! Videos like this just make me cringe they have no idea what they’re talking about and I feel sorry for Megan because she can’t just enjoy her success and weight loss because people want to pick it apart and try to find the negatives in it. It’s sad. But congratulations to you Megan .. more power to you!!

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