Best weight loss diet in tamil/1 month weight loss diet chart/weight loss tips in tamil

Best weight loss diet in tamil/1 month weight loss diet chart/weight loss tips in tamil

Best weight loss diet in tamil/1 month weight loss diet chart/weight loss tips in tamil

Best weight loss diet in tamil/1 month weight loss diet chart/diet chart for weight loss
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00:00 Introduction
00:55 Early morning snack(6.30am)
01:10 Weight loss breakfast ideas(8.30am)
02:11 Weight loss snack ideas for mid morning(11.30am)
02:25 Weight loss lunch ideas(1 pm)
03:19 Weight loss evening snack ideas(Snack #1)(4 pm)
03:23 Weight loss snack ideas for evening (Snack #2)(6 pm)
03:31 Weight loss dinner ideas(8.30 pm)
03:47 Important weight loss tips

In this video,I have shared weight loss diet plan in tamil.This diet chart for weight loss can be followed by everyone.This weight loss diet chart helps in reducing weight fast(8 to 10 kgs in one month if followed strictly)
Highlights in this weight loss diet plan video
1)What to eat to reduce weight fast(Healthy meal ideas)
2)What foods to avoid
3)Quantity of food(Bowl size)
4)Quantity of water
5)Quantity of oil to be taken everyday per person
6)How much walking
7)Important weight loss tips

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  3. Each and every person require different calorific deficit and if it works for one person it won't work for other person try to give some scientific baground for the diet plan 😇😇 and the rest was really great

  4. Sis delivery agi 3 months aguthu and (normal delivery)family planing panniruku skipping pannalama

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