HOW TO get RID of ARMPIT FAT in 1 WEEK | intense arm workout

HOW TO get RID of ARMPIT FAT in 1 WEEK | intense arm workout

HOW TO get RID of ARMPIT FAT in 1 WEEK | intense arm workout

How to get rid of armpit fat in 1 week. I show you exactly what exercises to do in this arm workout.

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  1. Hi Vanders 😍😍😍 I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who are still doing this workout or have just discovered it! I'm so beyond proud of you for doing this with me! 😍YOU GOT THIS!!!! Update us with your progress, keep smiling and keep shining! I also would like to ask you to please subscribe and follow me on IG and TikTok @sanne_vander. That would mean the world to me! Thank u so much for your support 😘You are amazing 💕

  2. Day 1 – When I tell you my arms burn like hell. I managed to do all the excercises though the plank one was kinda hard. My armpit fat is a really big insecurity for me so I really hope to carry on with this workout 🙂

  3. im gonna try and update but pls forgive me if i dont cause i have a rlly bad memory:

    (note: i didnt do the ground excercise thing cause i dont have time or a mat.)

    Day 1: MY ARMS ARE BURNING!! it hurtsss i could barely do the excercises and i kept needing to take 1 min breaks after each of them. No difference, but my arms are sore af.

  4. i’m trying this and a 5 min abs work out and a 10 min leg work out everyday for a week and i will check back in with the results

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