How to lose weight when it's hard to exercise

How to lose weight when it's hard to exercise

How to lose weight when it's hard to exercise

I hear from so many patients that have knee or hip pain and believe they can’t exercise. When they don’t exercise, they gain weight. Is it possible to keep your weight down when you’re fighting knee pain or pain somewhere else in your body? In this video, I discuss some simple tips for losing weight when it’s hard to exercise.

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Tips for losing weight when it’s hard to exercise

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Weight and obesity largely relate to diet as much as exercise. Yes, significant knee or hip arthritis or an acute injury can make it hard to work out or run. But if you aren’t getting exercise and burning calories, you could cut back on your diet and take in fewer calories.

Even with an injury that makes using one part of your body difficult, there are other ways to get exercise. There are hundreds, and maybe thousands, of activities out there. Pick one that stresses other parts of your body. If you have shoulder pain, do an exercise like jogging or stationary bike that avoid your shoulder. If it’s your knee, maybe you could try rowing or swimming.

Some exercise places stress on your painful joints over and over, like jogging does to your knees and hips. Add in excessive weight, and that’s even more stress on your joints. Try exercise that removes gravity and body weight. Examples include walking in a pool or riding a stationary bike.

Video for Best Way To Lose Weight After Knee Replacement
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  1. I had bilateral full thickness tears of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus on both my shoulders, torn rotators, tendonosis of both subscapularis, posterior and inferior labrum tears with cysts and chondrosis and secondary degenerative changes of the glenoid (Arthritis). So I had surgeries over 2 year period…repaired all the torn tendons with anchors, repaired the labrums, did a glenohumeral debridement and a subacromial decompression (acromiplasty). A very lengthly recovery with much rehab. I had to cut my calories way back, because I was not as active as I normally was. I was very active before this. So what I did is went for walks…that's mostly all I could do. That and my therapy. I also did bodyweight squats and lunges. It helped. Without diet control…I would have gained way too much weight.

  2. What if your fighting work comp and they put a ban on gym swimming ect then how could I be able to do this then I've gain about 100 pounds because of this shit and its been 4 years and counting

  3. I needed this information, I have a meniscus tear in my knee, Arthritis, & a tear in my rotator cuff. I used to swim before Covid. I’m just lost now. I am can’t wait until I this gets better .

  4. Hi, I was wondering if diet, exercise and loosing weight will help me to get rid of osteoarthritis of the knees?

  5. Would love to have you talk about pain. I have a spiral fracture and it’s really hard to not be depressed when dealing with constant pain. Also not wanting to take opioids.

  6. When I broke my leg I became depressed Wich led to me eating more than usual so I had to cut back on my meals and I slowly dropped my wieght back to normal.

  7. Just had surgery to relocate my ulnar nerve 2 weeks ago. Took the bandages off today and realized that the back side of my arm is pretty numb. Is this normal or something I should be concerned about? How long does it usually take to go away?

  8. I was just watching some of your videos on cortisone shots because I'm supposed to get my first one next week. I've had knee pain in the back since I was 13, and it's been getting worse over the years. I've done therapy Multiple times, MRIs, xrays and nothing has given us a diagnosis or helped with the pain. Therapy even thought I tore my meniscus….My ortho is now finally going to try a cortisone shot to see if it helps at all. What if it doesn't work? Is there anything I could try afterwards to relieve the pain?…. I haven't had a single day in years where I wasn't at Least a 4 on the pain scale and I'm only 22. It's affecting my hips because I can't help but favor my knee so much, it is 100% affecting my quality of life and health at this point. I feel like I'm running out of options and losing my independence..

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