Vegan Diet or Mediterranean Diet: Which Is Healthier?

Vegan Diet or Mediterranean Diet: Which Is Healthier?

Vegan Diet or Mediterranean Diet: Which Is Healthier?

What’s healthier: a vegan diet or the Mediterranean Diet? Neal Barnard, M.D., clears up the confusion in a presentation from the International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine on Aug. 10, 2018 in Washington, D.C. Learn more about a plant-based diet at PCRM.org.

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  1. Yeap is true about veg a Med God bless youπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡πŸ˜˜ Iam from Greece. When you don't have stress and happy life and no cortisone you live 100 years old like japan πŸ’―πŸ’«

  2. Has anyone addressed the issues of escalating diseases in animals that can pass through the food-chain as a vector to human consumers , feed lot practices, fish farming practices, food chain toxin buildup, agricultural chemicals (topical & systemic ) .

  3. Healthy mind in a healthy body ☺️.
    All you need is a balanced diet, instead of keto. For example finish breaky at 8:30 am, 11:30 a cup of coffee, 2:30 lunch, 4:30pm a piece of fruit.
    7:30pm dinner. Then 8:30 dessert, or popcorn 🍿 with favourite TV show.
    Plenty of water, no sugary drinks, no chocolates, packets of chips & eating out once a week. Or 5 day intervels. For example Saturday, then thursday, then skip one week & again Saturday & thursday, ECT. Minimum twice a week exercise & most importantly speak to your doctor & specialist. Also eat mainly wholegrain bread 🍞, instead of White 🍞. 1 coffee & 1 tea a day only, with 1 tea spoon of sugar. Also movies once a month. Guaranteed results from effects of diabetes, high blood pressure , heart attack & stroke. Because prevention is definitely better than cure. This diet I highlighted, is more suitable for people living with type 2 diabetes, because they have to eat regularly & avoid eating large portions, when hungry. It's totally up to you. You can make diabetes your best friend or worst nightmare. Just look up the long term effects such as stroke, bypass surgery, obesity, high blood pressure, gangerine, blindness, heart attacks, annurysim, imputance, fatigue & thirst. & Many other health hazards. You can diffuse the bomb, before it blows up.
    Just look up all these conditions, & don't burry your head in the sand πŸ€—πŸ‘.
    Oh & never cure depression, heartbreak & bore-dome with food, it's the worst thing you can do. It's better to go for a drive to the gym or bike ride, beach or picnic. The best way to cure bore-dome is to do something constructive like cleaning, washing the car, gardening, reading & sleeping. You'll never feel thirsty or tired. Your body will love you for it. Because the basic functions you used to do that you take for granted, you'll difinetly miss after a stroke.
    Also the most important thing that diabetics need to understand is that after a stroke, when your kidney functioning is at 11%, you have to undergo dialysis & your are restricted to 600ml fluids a day, because most fluids go to your legs & leak through the skin. The good thing is at this stage it's not hard to reverse your diabetes & bring kidney functioning to 70%. But it's better to control your diabetes 20 years earlier, & avoid all these complications, & put your extra πŸ’Έ towards your mortgage &; supporting people in need, & God Will help you.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.
    The key is to protect people from health hazards such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, brain 🧠 annurysim & obisity. We should have a health plan using a card system for different stages of a person's health. For example each individual's such as borderline, diabetics & stroke victims should have a dietary plan to follow on a weekly basis. Because there is nothing more important than good health. If they comply with the dietary plan their should be rewards & if not, consequences. The plan should also include 3 days a week exercise. People will feel much better & satisfied, because it becomes habit. Only if people knew that a stroke, will make you doing something as simple as walking down the road 4%, then they will feel it will take them 70% to do the same effort. They will agree with my idea. Stroke is the second killer in the world, behind heart πŸ’– disease & diabetes affects more than 350 million people globally & in the USA alone every 4 mins someone is added to the kidney transplant list. But you can reverse the late stages of diabetes & live a healthy & happy life & increase your life expectancy πŸ€—. Only if you feel what a stroke can do to you. In the past I used to do 40 pushups on my toes. But know I can't even do one. That's what a stroke will do to you if you don't take action.

  4. These diets are all great (Mediterranean and vegetarian), but also do mindful eating: no overeating, only eat if you are actually hungry, chew your food as finely as possible and most importantly be RELAXED when eating. I’m sure all these I listed play a factor!

  5. I want to inform the public on how me and my son got cured of our Genital Herpes 1&2 and HPV by DR ALAHO OLU on YouTube.

  6. If fish is associated with a high mortality rate then why are Japanese people some of the longest-lived people, yet as far as I know their diet consists of quite a bit of fish?

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